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Florian Fratzscher - December 10, 2020

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More than 1.5 million Swiss people are 65 years and older - and the trend is rising. In recent decades, life expectancy and mobility in everyday life have also increased, so retirees generally still have 20 good years ahead of them.

It is true that many seniors want to enjoy their retirement. On the other hand, they do not want to belong to elders.

After retirement, a lot of people feel bored and sense a lack of purpose. That is why more and more people continue to work after their retirement.

Alexis Weil of [email protected] has recognized this fact and created a platform for retirees over 60. On this platform, they can look for jobs and offer their labor.

Carify's motto - Use oversupply sensibly

Raffael and Sergio, who like Alexis were participants in "Die Höhle der Löwen", thought this idea was ingenious. The idea behind Carify's car subscription was to use resources and manpower smartly in order to make sensible use of an oversupply of cars. You can choose your dream car from a large partner network and rent it for a monthly all-inclusive rate. In other words, a car subscription.

This allows you to be mobile without a long-term commitment. You keep your freedom and have full control over your costs, but can still enjoy the benefits of owning a car. Classic leasing also allows you to drive a car without a long-term commitment, but the car subscription offers many advantages in comparison.

Trying out an electric car? Convertible in summer and SUV in winter? Try it out - with Carify!

Test the car subscription now

[email protected] - Integrated into life

With Carify, you simply choose your dream car and if you want, it will be delivered to your doorstep.

"By whom?"

"Well, from [email protected], of course!" 😃

Sergio and Raffael were so excited about the [email protected] concept that they decided to have the sprightly retirees do most of the deliveries.

"Older people want to be active and contribute to community life even after they retire. At Carify, we give experienced drivers over 60 the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities and stay mobile." Raffael, Co-Founder CARIFY

The seniors at CARIFY make more than 100 deliveries a year and continue to be involved in the community.

Keeping busy even in old age

Many retirees often don't really know what to do with all their time after retirement. 

They are still fit and thirsty for knowledge, have a desire for new experiences, but without work sometimes just that one appointment a week that spurs them on to stay mentally and physically active.

At Carify, the [email protected] are organized in a WhatsApp group and can apply for the current delivery trips.

There is a nice exchange among each other and the older gentlemen are also well integrated into the company. 

"One of our seniors often surprises us with sweets at the office," says Sina, the project manager for the cooperation between Carify and [email protected]

Many drivers are technology enthusiasts, find the new developments in the car market fascinating and have the opportunity to try out and get to know different cars with the rides, just like the customers.

Carify: Cars for people - taking on social responsibility

Even though retirees have left their jobs behind, that doesn't mean they don't want to remain a part of society. The harsh reality, however, is that people often become lonely, especially as they age, or quickly break down without a real job.

"This is a community problem and we need to find ways to be there for each other across multiple generations." - Sergio, Co-Founder CARIFY

It's about responding to an increasingly aging society and finding new ways to offer people an inspiring life, even when you’re older. 

Projects like [email protected] are an important contribution to a respectful treatment of seniors who are still full of energy and want to participate in life.

As a person, you want to fit in, feel important and needed. 

So the delivery trips of the Carify are much more than a few kilometers on the road. They are the opportunity for reliable and capable drivers to continue contributing to everyday life.

Enjoying activity and mobility

When seniors get a job, they take public transportation to the pick-up location and bring the car reliably to the CARIFY customer.

Many see the trip as a little outing. Some of the seniors like to take their partners on the trip. It's all about just getting out, taking a little coffee break by the lake, and then leisurely dropping off and delivering the car to the subscriber's doorstep

Imagine how much joy you too will have with your car subscription from Carify. 

A car subscription for all cases - rent a car flexibly

Whether it's simply trying out a new car or having the option to drive a new car every few weeks. You always decide for yourself how long you want to drive your car.

Test an electric car first? - Yes, please!

Range Rover instead of Mercedes? - No problem!

Family addition? Minivan instead of a compact car? - Just change

With the Carify car subscription, you always drive exactly the car that best suits your current life situation. Without annoying paperwork, loss of value, or long-term commitment.

Your life, your car - With Carify.

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