A road for a greater community

We drive different

CARIFY is one of the fastest growing start-ups based in Zurich that aims to revolutionize the future of mobility. We built the biggest Car Subscription Platform in Switzerland within just one year and allow the entire car industry to plug in. Our team is vibrant, young, diverse and dynamic and we strive to continuously innovate and deliver the best service possible.

The vision of CARIFY

At CARIFY we want to build something greater - a community who creates more freedom to humans who want to enjoy mobility. A world which is more flexible and fits to the real needs of people. We work together with over 300 garages to fight the standing car surplus on the market, and strive to make this industry more sustainable.

Meet our team

Sergio Studer


Raffael Fiechter


Jacques Wagener

Head of Product & Development

Sandrine Ploog

Head of Operations

Santino Fastuca

Head of Automation and Data

Melanie Giesinger

Head of Marketing

Maria Beffa

Accounting Manager

Nadine Sauter

Accounting Manager

Jaco van der Loo


Julián Jordi García

Client Relations Manager

Sebastian Oberholzer

Marketing Manager

Valeria Balzano

Partnership Manager

Lubomir Yotov

Account Manager

Guillem Arrieta

Business Intelligence

Antonio Francesevic

Partnership Manager

Luca Franziscus

Account Manager

Lukas Frei

Partnership Manager

Timo Gut

Operations Manager

Claudio Hotz

Operations Manager

Dante Schweiger

Operations Manager

Simon Schmidlin

Finance Manager

Alessandro Autino

Partnership Manager

Julia Schürmann

Account Manager

Yannick Machate

Operations Manager

Oliver Hostettler

Operations Manager