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A CARIFY Auto subscription offers absolute freedom

Today, more than 45 percent of all people already use subscription models such as Spotify or Netflix. So why not subscribe to the car as well? The cheapest monthly subscription costs just under CHF 400. All costs associated with the use of the vehicle, such as vehicle taxes, insurance, maintenance/service, toll sticker and tires (including change and storage) are included in the usage fee. Thus, the model is absolutely competitive with leasing and auto financing.

CARIFY is different from most car subscription providers

Instead of building up and maintaining its own fleet of vehicles, CARIFY wants to counteract the problem of car surplus on the market in the long term and gives car dealers in Switzerland the opportunity to become car subscription providers themselves with the Carify platform. Carify offers customers a great deal of freedom, because no high deposits or down payments are required here and customers decide for themselves when they want to cancel the car subscription or whether they want to easily exchange their subscribed SUV for a convertible. Everything can be managed online - the only thing left to do is fill up the tank yourself.Since 2019 the startup was able to exceed all expectations, and has already secured a respectable market position. Founders Sergio Studer and Raffael Fiechter want to shake up the rigid car market and are going full throttle. After all, according to studies, the "Auto Abo" model is set to take 40% of the market share by 2030.

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