What exactly is a car subscription?

Florian Fratzscher - November 10, 2020


If you want to be mobile, you need a car - it's as simple as that.

However, there is a lot of effort and high costs associated with the acquisition of a car. With the old way of owning a car, you have to find the right dealer, choose suitable insurance, register the car, pay taxes, and so on...

Definitely not very easy!

Who wants complicated contracts, financing, and long terms like leasing or buying a car?

Let's be honest, these processes are simply not up to date anymore.

In the end, it's all about getting from A to B in a relaxed way. And that's exactly what you need a car for.

This is why there is now a new, less complicated, and more flexible way to use a vehicle - a car subscription.

Basically, a car subscription works in a similar way to what we already know from music or movie streaming providers like Spotify and Netflix. As a user, you also pay a monthly fee for a car subscription and can use the car for the duration of the contract.

When you no longer need a car or want to drive another car, you can return it or trade it in for another car. It's that simple.

A car subscription is the easiest way to drive a new car and is especially interesting for drivers who appreciate flexibility.

How does a car subscription work?

A car subscription offers hassle-free driving 

You're probably wondering what makes car subscriptions so special.

The most important thing is that with a car subscription you simply pay a monthly amount and can start driving within a week of ordering.

The following services are automatically included in the car subscription:

  • Insurance

  • Taxes

  • Registration fees

  • Maintenance and repairs

Only the fuel you have to pay yourself. It doesn't get much less complicated than that.

Car sharing or leasing are two other options besides the car subscription that allow you to be mobile even without having your own car.

Car sharing

Designed mainly for large cities and shorter periods of a few minutes to hours.

Car Leasing

Lasts several years and involves a fixed commitment to a car. Opaque additional costs often make it unattractive for private individuals.

Car subscription

The term is between one and several months and can be cancelled flexibly. Perfect for those who only need a car for a certain period or who want to be able to adapt their car to changing circumstances.

Car subscription - The new way of driving a car

With a car subscription, you are easy, flexible, and with a good price on the road, because for a flat rate price you can drive a different car every few months. In addition, all the paperwork and unexpected repair costs are eliminated. Even if the car loses value, you don't have to worry about that.

These are the most important car subscription advantages:

  • Your car, your choice - maximum selection of cars, suitable for every budget

  • Full flexibility - you can freely adapt your car to your lifestyle. Convertible in summer and SUV in winter? No problem.

  • Everything included except gas - Digital subscription process where all costs are already included. You only pay for gas.

  • Try cars - No long-term commitment, so you can drive all your favorite cars instead of choosing one.

  • Test technologies - Interested in hybrid or e-cars? With a car subscription, you can first try out whether these models are right for you.

Above all, the flexibility of a car subscription is an important advantage. There is no other service that makes it so easy to use a car for a certain period. Choose a car, sign up for a subscription and drive off - that's the new mobility.

How does a car subscription work?

You sign up for a car subscription via an online portal or app. You can then pick up your car yourself or have it delivered. The entire process is clear and intuitive, so you can be on the road with your dream car without any inconvenience.

This is how the car subscription works:

Step 1

Compare and choose a provider.

CARIFY has particularly flexible options.

Step 2

Choose the car you want and decide on the term. With the car subscription, you get an all-inclusive flat rate for driving, all costs are included.

Step 3

Book your car online or via app and have it delivered to your door.

Step 4

Cancel your car subscription at any time or choose a new car.

The minimum term and notice period of your car subscription differ depending on the provider. Therefore, check the terms of the contract and pay attention to potential cancellation periods.

At the end of the car subscription period, you will benefit from the great flexibility, because you can easily change your car model.

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A car subscription makes financial sense

The old way of driving, buying, or leasing a new car is expensive - too expensive!

The flexible package of a car subscription is much more interesting.

Do you know how much money a new car loses in the first year?

A quarter of the purchase price, with only 15,000 kilometers driven!

After three years, the car is usually only worth half of its purchase price.

That’s definitely not a value stable investment.

Leasing is not much better. You don't have the loss of value, but high fees are still often the case. So, leasing really only makes sense as a permanent solution for companies.

A car subscription is something for you if you don't want to commit yourself long-term and know how fast your life circumstances can change.

Being able to react flexibly to a new family member or financial situation is worth a lot and makes a car subscription an interesting alternative to a car purchase or leasing.

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