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Car subscription is the new, all-inclusive, flexible alternative to leasing. A single monthly fee includes insurance, coverage, maintenance and even more.

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Cars Made Easy

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CARIFY works together with local garage owners to find the best car deals from all over Switzerland just for you. We offer new and used cars. Our sustainable approach allows you to benefit from the biggest and best selection.

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All-in-one Subscription

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Insurance is included


24h Road Assistance

You do not have to worry in case of a breakdown


Replacement Car

If you have a break down, you directly get a replacement car

Car Canvas

Tyre Changes

Tyre changes (if needed) is included.


Service & Maintenance

All service and maintenance is included.


Taxes & Registration

We take care of the registration in your Canton, all taxes and fees are covered.

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Customer Feedback

"We travel a lot on business and wanted to rent a car. Within less than a week everything was settled. The team did an excellent job of taking care of our wishes. We can really only recommend CARIFY! We are really enthusiastic about the flexibility and speed. Thanks again!"

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How it works

Click, Subscribe and Drive


Step 1

Pick your favorite car

We work together with more than 100 garage partners from all over Switzerland. There are several hundred cars for you to choose from.


Step 2

Configure your subscription

Decide on when you need your car, how long you want to keep and how many kilometres you plan on driving. Select home delivery for extra convience.


Step 3

Confirm your booking

After about 6-8 days your car is ready for you. Just drive - relaxed and carefree.

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Our Garage Partners

  • Autohaus Schiess AG (Hegnau-Volketswil)
  • Garage + Carrosserie Rüfenacht AG
  • Hammer Auto Center AG
  • autocentersäntis