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Vinzenz - February 29, 2024

Step into the world of seamless mobility solutions with CARIFY, where the advertised all-inclusive offer truly delivers what it promises. Curious about what it's like to partner with CARIFY as a company? Wondering why fleet management through CARIFY's business car subscription should be on your radar? Look no further than insights from those in the know: our B2B customers who have experienced firsthand the unparalleled service and convenience that CARIFY brings to the table.

Case 1. Fassaden Outfit AG company car subscription

“In the end, the overall package at CARIFY is the best one”

- Andre Mettler, Board Member, Fassaden Outfit AG


Mr. Mettler, your employees must always be mobile in order to be on site, which is why a reliable vehicle fleet is certainly one of the main requirements. What other requirements do you have of a vehicle fleet provider in general?

Andre Mettler: First of all, the ability to deliver is very important to us. The vehicles have to be delivered when we need them. Ordering a vehicle now that won't be delivered until next summer is out of the question for us. We need the vehicle promptly and on time so that there are no delays in orders. Of course, the quality of the offer must also be right, as must the price.

Fassaden Outfit is still a very young company, but has already grown considerably over the last few months, at least as far as we can tell from the steadily increasing demand for vehicles. What is your current goal at Fassaden Outfit AG?

Andre Mettler: Yes, that's right, we are currently growing enormously and will probably have doubled in size by the end of the year. Our goal is then to be around 50 people, although we have no plans to expand in terms of location, at least in the next three years.

What do you particularly appreciate about working with CARIFY?

Andre Mettler: We particularly appreciate the solution-oriented approach, so that despite a few hurdles at the beginning, we always got the vehicles when we needed them. It was a bit bumpy at the beginning at the turn of the year and with the enrollment in the company in the canton of Zug, but you were always willing to go the extra mile and find a way. We also had a few special requirements that you didn't know about. We particularly appreciate the fact that even when we came up with special challenges, CARIFY was always able to offer a solution in the end.

Of course, you couldn't have known in advance that the collaboration would work like this. So what ultimately tipped the scales in favor of CARIFY as your business mobility solution?

Andre Mettler: It was a long story. Before we started operations with Fassaden Outfit AG, we evaluated various car subscription providers in Switzerland. We first tried out the provider Carvolution with a three-month subscription. In principle, they have a very similar offer to CARIFY, but the return process didn't work well at all with Carvolution. We also worked with Clyde, which was ok, but the range of offers was simply too limited. Then there was CARIFY and we also took a vehicle there for testing for three months. It was a small electric vehicle at the time, but we realized that the overall package was ultimately best with CARIFY. And when it came to choosing a partner for our fleet, we chose CARIFY because we thought it was the smoothest, and so far that has proven to be the case

Case 2. Oxygen at Work AG company car subscription

Next, delve into the world of workplace wellness with Joel Bloch, CCO at Oxygen at Work AG, a pioneering company specializing in innovative plant concepts for office spaces. Here's what he says about CARIFY:

“For us, flexibility was crucial when we started as a start-up - the ability not to commit to four years and the option to reduce ongoing costs after just twelve months if needed”

- Joel Bloch, CCO, Oxygen at Work AG


Joel, you started over five years ago with the mission to effectively increase air quality and oxygen levels in office spaces by combining natural plants and IoT technologies to positively impact health, sustainability, employee productivity and office design. Today, your service helps employees from Lindt & Sprüngli to Microsoft to be more focused and fitter at work and you have also saved over 3 million kg of CO2. We are delighted to have accompanied you as a mobility partner. What did we do right that you chose us back then? :-)

Joel Bloch: For us as a start-up, flexibility was simply very important at the time. The fact that you don't have to commit for four years and that you can reduce the running costs after just twelve months if necessary. Leasing contracts can theoretically be terminated prematurely, but not just like yours. The large selection of available vehicles was certainly another factor.

How do you assess the current and future role of e-cars and hybrid vehicles in your company?

Joel Bloch: The idea of sustainable mobility is of course very important to us. We are not yet completely CO2-neutral here, but the goal is certainly that we can guarantee 100% sustainable mobility in our company in the medium term. In the other areas of the company, we are already much further along and in some cases completely sustainable, but the mobility component of the value chain is by far the most challenging to implement sustainably, as the infrastructure and basic requirements must also be in place externally. The charging infrastructure in particular is not yet where it needs to be and certainly needs to be expanded further. Our aim is also to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible in terms of our vehicle fleet, and electromobility is a decisive factor here.

What do you particularly appreciate about working with CARIFY?

Joel Bloch: It was totally uncomplicated right from the start and is both digital and very intuitive, which is not always the case in this combination. The user interface is great and yet you still have personal contact. So you really have found a great mix in customer support with a digital product and a personal contact person. That's exactly what the B2B market has been missing so far.

Would you recommend CARIFY to other companies?

Joel Bloch: Yes, definitely. I would recommend CARIFY to all companies that need a fleet and want to obtain this fleet in an uncomplicated and flexible way. With the subscription, everything is much less complicated than with leasing, because the ownership and responsibilities are absolutely clear, just like with rental, and that sometimes makes a big difference. You also notice that you don't have to maintain your own fleet, which means you can concentrate fully on the service and are personally there for the customer despite the digital approach. As a company, you can save additional administrative time and effort.

Case 3. Carlo Loderer, Zippsafe

And last but not least, meet Carlo Loderer, CEO and co-founder of Zippsafe, a Swiss technology scale-up leading the way in space-efficient personnel lockers. Here's what he said about CARIFY:

Given our diverse mobility needs, we are delighted to have CARIFY as a partner that can easily meet this variety.

- Carlo Loderer, CEO, Zippsafe AG


Carlo, your fleet includes a wide variety of vehicles, because in addition to commercial vehicles for project use, you also care about the mobility of your employees. You therefore offer some employees the opportunity to apply for a company car. What challenges does this entail?

Carlo Loderer: Procuring the vehicles is a time-consuming process for us. Numerous steps are required, from ordering to insurance and registration through to logistics. From an operational point of view, different brands and different services mean many small processes. In view of our diverse mobility requirements, we are pleased to have a partner in CARIFY who can easily cover this variety.

Before you came to CARIFY: Which providers did you work with and what were your experiences?

Carlo Loderer: Unfortunately, we have had many negative experiences with leasing partners in the past. One of the main problems was the lack of a contact person, which meant that we basically had to manage the vehicle fleet ourselves. This caused us unnecessary stress and involved a disproportionate amount of work. In addition, we were unable to plan ahead. Vehicles that we had ordered and were officially expected within three to four months only arrived after almost a year. Budget planning was also difficult, as we were unable to accurately estimate additional costs such as insurance premiums.

What specific requirements do you have of a business mobility partner?

Carlo Loderer: Based on our previous experience, we were primarily looking for flexibility and a reliable solution. We have found that the individual configuration of the vehicles is no longer so important for our employees these days. Fast availability and solid basic equipment are much more important. In addition, we wanted to reduce the workload by compensating for and bundling many small operational activities. Predictability and reliability also play a huge role for us.

And with the CARIFY car subscription, is all that a given?

Carlo Loderer: We have always been able to reach a contact person at any time and have always received friendly and competent help. The advertised all-inclusive offer really delivers what it promises. It saves us a lot of time in our day-to-day business and allows us to plan our budget better. Precise delivery times mean we can plan better, have a high degree of flexibility for short-term requirements and reliability thanks to replacement mobility. In this way, we can precisely meet the expectations of our employees.

We hope you enjoyed our exclusive insights into the world of CARIFY! These inspiring interviews with our B2B customers provide you with a deeper understanding of the diverse applications and benefits of our solution.

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