Car Flatrate - Flexible and sustainable mobility with a car subscription

Florian Fratzscher - June 11, 2021

Buying a car is always a long-term and expensive investment. If the decision falls on the wrong car, the annoyance is later large, because normally a car cannot be simply returned. Car flat rate providers, on the other hand, offer an innovative and more flexible way to drive a car. 

A car flat rate makes it possible to rent a car as in a subscription and, if necessary, simply cancel the subscription or select a new car. In contrast, the previous options of buying or leasing are not nearly as in tune with what customers want as the car flatrate. Why? Well, who wants to put down a large sum of money with the risk that the car will quickly lose value due to ever-faster innovation cycles? And who knows what will be in 5 years? Will you really need a car then or can it be that you temporarily switch to public transport or the bicycle? One thing is clear, the future is uncertain and that's why more and more people are opting for flexible solutions.

The number of people interested in car flatrates continues to grow in Europe, because in many areas of daily life we are increasingly relying on subscriptions instead of expensive new purchases. In Germany, one in seven people has already tried out a car subscription, and in Switzerland the number is also rising steadily. Car subscription readiness is also growing. In France, for example, the share is 36% (source). The growing trend of car subscriptions goes hand in hand with the increasingly important understanding of sustainable mobility. On the one hand, car subscriptions offer the perfect opportunity to get to grips with electromobility. On the other hand, car subscriptions allow you to be mobile according to your needs, i.e. a car subscription for the vacations, the driving test or a new job.

At CARIFY, we find that needs are incredibly diverse, so our offer must also be as flexible and adaptable. For this reason, the all-inclusive car subscription is the ideal alternative to buying or leasing a car.

How does the car subscription work?

Simple and digital processing with car flat rate

A short-term car subscription is the optimal alternative to buying a new car. The entire process is done digitally and you don't have to go to the rental company or the salesman to get your new car.  This simple and fast process is one of the most important reasons why people choose a car subscription, as no one wants to wait long or go through tedious paperwork. 

From ordering the new car to signing up for the car flat rate, everything is done online and in just a few minutes. This not only saves time, but also nerves.

Your car. Your life. - With CARIFY

Flexibility on all levels with the all-inclusive car subscription

If you've always wanted to drive a new electric car, CARIFY's all-inclusive car subscription offers are the best option. Here you can, for example, discover the most popular electric cars and rent them at a flat rate. To do this, you can easily customize the subscription online to your needs and specify how long you want to have it. You will then receive your new dream car within 6 to 8 days.

The duration of the flat rate can also be as flexible as you like, because you can choose between a term of one month up to 12 months. Your individual price will depend on the duration, and you can cancel the contract every month. 

The world is changing: car flat rates are in vogue

In today's world, flexibility is more important than ever before. Accordingly, we are adapting many areas of our lives, such as our media consumption. We don't buy CDs and DVDs as we used to, but instead take out a subscription to then have access to all available music titles, movies, and series. This is also true for cars, where production and innovation cycles are becoming faster and faster, meaning that a purchased or leased car can quickly no longer keep up with the market (source).

A car flatrate works the same way. This is also due to the zeitgeist, so the car as a status symbol is increasingly disappearing from people's minds. The reason for this lies in a more sustainable way of life, which people want, and which is made possible by CARIFY in the form of the car flat rate. In other words, people want to use products when they need them and not have them in stock. With a car subscription this is possible! 

Car subscription can be used for private and business purposes

A car flat rate is not only ideal for private cars but is also ideal for business customers. For companies that provide their employees with cars, the car subscription offers the most flexible way to do this and can be easily cancelled when the car is no longer needed. In addition, you can choose from many different models to have the perfect car for all business needs. 

Within 6 to 8 days the desired car is available ready to drive!

The right all-inclusive car for every customer

Many may now ask: Aren't car subscriptions too expensive? The answer is a clear no. In addition to the latest models such as the currently popular electric cars, you can also rent various used cars in the car flat rate at CARIFY. Especially with used cars it is possible to save money with a car subscription.

For whom is the car subscription suitable? In a nutshell: People who appreciate flexibility and variety. This means, for example, an electric car in spring, a bicycle in summer and an SUV in winter. You decide when you want to drive which car and for how long!

What do our customers say? Here you can find our customer opinions. So far, we have been able to convince many people of the advantages of a car flat rate, come on board and see for yourself.

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How do the car plans differ?

A car subscription is fundamentally different from leasing, the only similarity being that the car does not become your property, but is only rented. Special payments, on the other hand, are completely omitted with a car subscription, so only the monthly fee remains, which ensures manageable costs. 

With leasing there is the so-called residual value leasing, then you must pay for the difference between the remaining value of the car and the actual value. This can result in large costs and is avoided with the car flat rate. The biggest advantage of the car subscription compared to leasing, however, is the term, which can be canceled monthly and thus means maximum flexibility. Car flat rates are in any case the cheaper alternative to leasing.

Would you like to find out whether a car subscription, purchase or leasing suits you? Then take the quiz now and find out:

Car subscription, lease or buy: The ultimate quiz

Conclusion - car flat rate is flexible and sustainable

A car flat rate offers significantly more than conventional leasing. Especially in a world where sustainability counts more than ever and a car is no longer a status symbol to be owned, CARIFY offers the best and most flexible way to drive a car. The advantages at a glance:

  • Can be cancelled monthly

  • Everything included except charging or refueling

  • Your dream car with just a few clicks

  • No hidden costs

  • Large selection of models

  • Well-prized used cars

  • Rent a car on demand

On our online booking platform for car subscriptions, you can get detailed information about the vehicles we offer and book them directly online. If required, [email protected] will even deliver your favorite car right to your doorstep. 

Sounds good? Then try it out right away. We look forward to seeing you!

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