Long term car rental for companies

Florian Fratzscher - February 8, 2021

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What if your company car was as simple as your Spotify subscription? You pay a monthly fee, with no hidden costs, you can cancel monthly, and when you feel like using Spotify again, you just newly subscribe. Simple as that.

Most of us associate business cars and corporate fleets with high costs, contracts you cannot get out of, a cumbersome reservation system that's stuck in the 20th century, and a bottomless pit when the Skoda Octavia has already been standing around for over a month.

But how can car subscriptions solve these problems? Well, in a car subscriptions for companies everything is included. In other words, as a company, you pay a monthly rate that covers all costs except for fuel. Who benefits from this? The accounting department, since it only has to handle a single cost position, the finance manager, who can claim the costs for tax purposes, as well as saving on maintenance and personnel. The operations department also has the possibility of car subscriptions to provide a car seasonally or to employees in the probationary period without exploding budget costs. Not to forget the HR department, which can attract talents with car subscriptions or support employees with long public transport journeys by means of automobility. However, the advantages are not only apparent for large companies and SMEs. Startups or single companies with small capital can also afford automobility since the car subscription does not require a down payment. Moreover, your long-term rental car will be ready within 7 days in case your business needs cars quickly.

Does it sound too good to be true? Then read on and see for yourself.

Drive smartly and save costs

In the business sector, long-term car rental is a favorable alternative solution to owning a fleet of vehicles or a single company car. Here, long-term car rental helps bridge a period when more company cars are needed. For example: If you go back to the beginning of the pandemic, many people chose to drive to work. On the corporate side, many logistics companies suddenly needed more vehicles. CARIFY's car subscriptions were ready for our customers within 7 days. A pandemic is of course an exception, but also major contracts or a rapid growth of staff in a startup need cars that are quickly and flexibly available. In addition, it is still important to note that the car can be redeemed on the company or on you personally. Especially for expats this can be a practical mobility solution if the residence in Switzerland has not been registered yet.

The essence of the story: car subscriptions can support existing vehicle fleets or provide companies with automobility in the form of a subscription, depending on economic changes. Even after the subscription expires, you as a business don't have to worry about hidden additional costs, as the monthly payment includes insurance, registration, repairs, and taxes.

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In summary: What are car subscription benefits for businesses?

  • No acquisition costs

  • Attractive tax benefits

  • Monthly notice period after minimum term

  • Optimized cost-benefit ratio & outsourced value loss

  • Talent & employee incentives

  • All-inclusive rate, excl. fuel costs

  • Savings in maintenance

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Conclusion - Companies want long-term rentals

Car subscriptions are becoming more popular in the corporate world. The pandemic has increased the demand for automobility in numerous ventures and has shown the importance of staying agile as a company. Buying or leasing a car during such an uncertain time did not seem beneficial. A year since the Corona crisis began, this uncertainty is still being felt. Instead of making a large investment with a rapid loss of value, car subscriptions are the ideal solution here.

Apart from flexibility, car subscriptions cover other needs of companies. Do you want to provide your employees with a car despite their probationary period, or do you want to become the most attractive employer in Switzerland and offer e-mobility as an incentive? Perhaps you are simply looking for an all-inclusive solution. No matter what you are looking for, CARIFY is your partner and will find the ideal solution for your company.

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