Car subscription in Switzerland - What's behind the trend?

Florian Fratzscher - April 21, 2021

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Select your desired car conveniently online and save costs with a car flat rate. CARIFY is the largest car subscription provider in Switzerland with flexible rental periods, full cost control and delivery to your door.

You need a new car, but the high costs of buying a car or the long terms of leasing scare you off? Then you are not alone!

The trend goes clearly away from owning an own car, because the depreciation just doesn't make sense. If you then consider the long-term commitment, the purchase of a car becomes even more unattractive.

But what is the alternative for Swiss drivers?

There are already options such as leasing or car sharing. But these also have their disadvantages in terms of flexibility and convenience. We believe that people should not have to choose between long-term contracts or uncertain availability. There must be a better option on the Swiss market. Exactly, car subscription model!

We recommend anyone who is looking for an affordable and flexible option for driving to take a closer look at a car subscription.

Everything is included except for gasoline, diesel or electricity: car subscription from CARIFY - all-around happy driving!

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Car subscription in Switzerland - carefree driving at low cost

Meanwhile, flexible long-term car rental is on everyone's lips. The car subscription market in Switzerland is growing continuously and many customers are absolutely thrilled by the simplicity of the model!

Customers of Car subscriptions benefit from: Flexibility, cost transparency, convenience and an enormous choice of cars. But what else is behind the car subscription?

According to Statista (2019), the cost of owning a car in Switzerland continues to rise. In this context, 13% of respondents are willing to spend up to CHF 24,999 on a new car. Around 9% even stated that up to CHF 80,000 would not be a problem (source: Statista).

A younger target audience in particular changes cars more often. This is also understandable when you consider that life always comes up with unexpected surprises. The car subscription cleverly closes the gap between full cost control and flexible mobility.

In a comprehensive survey, we found out what CARIFY customers value so much about the low-cost car subscription.

CARIFY is the best car provider in Switzerland

As the largest car subscription provider in Switzerland, CARIFY works with over 200 partners who provide cars and thus distinguishes itself from other car subscription providers such as Carvolution. Our customers find the large selection of vehicles especially good in the direct car subscription comparison.

Of course, our car subscription has many other ingenious advantages:


We focus on full flexibility. This means that our car subscription for Switzerland starts at a term of one month. You can cancel monthly after the minimum term or switch to another car.

Life events

Flexibility is of course especially interesting when there are big changes in your life, and you need to adapt your lifestyle, as well as your car accordingly.

Short term

If you are only living in Switzerland temporarily and want to have a car during your stay without any complications.

Try and buy

Buying a car is often the second highest investment in life next to owning a home. Instead of buying a pig in a poke, you can first try out whether it fits at all.

Swiss-wide partner network

You always have local partners who can provide you with expert advice and help directly.

Joy of riding

You can really let off steam and try out different models just for fun, without making a long-term commitment. Whether it is an electric car subscription* or a sports car: car fans will get their money's worth here.

*Special discount for all residents of St. Gallen. More info

This is what our customers appreciate about CARIFY's car subscription in Switzerland

The big advantage of the car subscription from CARIFY is the carefree all-round happy package. All costs for the car, except for fuel, are included in the car subscription. Insurance, maintenance, taxes, etc. are all included in your monthly rate.

So, you can sit back, relax and enjoy driving without worrying about hidden costs or depreciation.

CARIFY customers love our services, check our google reviews.

What do our customers say about the most popular Swiss car subscription:

"Overall, my experience with CARIFY was totally positive. The car was delivered on time and the service was always fast and efficient. I liked that there was no extra down payment, which saved me quite a bit of money." Samantha

"Super good experience with CARIFY. I can recommend CARIFY to anyone who needs a car but doesn't want to buy one. Super prices for almost new cars." Daniel

"The advice of the staff was always very friendly and helpful, I am glad for this good service which gives me maximum flexibility, at the best price." Cedric

"I had been looking for a convertible subscription and found it at CARIFY. Super nice and flexible service and great car for a good price." Adam

The best thing to do is just drop by our car selection online and convince yourself of the interesting offers.

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions. Here are our car subscription FAQs for an overview.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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