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    Flexible and practical - the station wagon

    A combination car, colloquially station wagon, means a car with a particularly large load volume. The term comes from the combination of the two words passenger car and truck. Since the vehicle transports loads and people.

    Most station wagons also have a D-pillar and a longer roof. These features ensure that the station wagon becomes the spacious space miracle that is becoming increasingly popular. Since the loading space of modern station wagons is now equipped just as exclusively as that of limousines, the station wagon has also been able to shed its image as a pure transport vehicle.

    The large loading area of the station wagon is flexibly extendable, simply fold down the row of seats and the loading area is already enlarged. Thus the vehicle becomes a full-fledged transport vehicle quickly and easily. For this reason many craftsmen still use station wagons. The flexibility to vary between loading area and number of people makes the station wagon a flexible everyday all-rounder. Driving the children to school in the morning and transporting the material for the garden shed in the afternoon? No problem with the station wagon.

    Rent a station wagon as a subscription with CARIFY - station wagon leasing was yesterday

    A station wagon harmonizes perfectly with the car in the CARIFY subscription. Because the subscription is just as flexible as the station wagon. Both can be flexibly adapted to your needs. But the subscription offers even more advantages than the station wagon. If you want a different car, the subscription makes it very easy. You have the possibility to change your car after only one month. This way you can make sure that the vehicle always suits you perfectly and that you don't just get the second-best driving experience.

    In addition to the flexibility and adaptability of the subscription, there are other advantages, such as the fact that repairs and tire changes are already included in the price. This eliminates the incalculable costs that are incurred, for example, with leasing. Insurance is also included in the subscription price.

    Thus the subscription fits the combination better than the leasing due to the flexibility and the all-in-one offer.

    Choose the right station wagon, book it, get in and enjoy its advantages.

    You can find the exact details and further information about the process here.

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