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    Safely through the traffic jungle with the SUV

    With an SUV you can safely get through the traffic jungle thanks to the elevated position. What happens in traffic is visible early on. The high body also helps to reduce the number of potholes and accidentally touched curbs, which can damage the car. With a 4x4 drive, most SUVs complete the picture of a safe companion through the traffic jungle.

    But what actually makes an SUV?

    SUVs are also known as off-road sedans or city SUVs, the name SUV is an abbreviation. SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, a term used to describe cars that offer increased ground clearance, have a self-supporting body and are similar in appearance to off-road vehicles. In terms of comfort, SUVs can be compared to limousines, especially the four-wheel drive models perform well off-road, others perform less well off-road. The steadily declining off-road capability is due to the fact that SUVs are nowadays mainly driven in the city and are considered comfortable family cars.

    Rent an SUV - instead of leasing an SUV

    An SUV offers comfort and safety at all times, but it is not always needed. In summer the bicycle or motorcycle does it to get to work and the beautiful leased SUV stands unused and alone in its parking lot.

    So it loses value continuously and that without you using it and having something of it. But now the solution has come, that you can always drive the car that best suits your needs. The car subscription, now you can take out a SUV subscription and save yourself unnecessary costs that would be incurred by buying or leasing a car.

    But the SUV subscription offers even more advantages, the price already includes all repairs, insurance and taxes, you don't have to worry about anything anymore, except the fueling. Find your dream SUV from the largest selection of SUVs and enjoy its comfort, safety and simplicity.

    Choose your dream car, book it and drive off.

    You can find the exact details and further information about the process here.

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