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    Electric cars conquer the hearts and streets of Switzerland

    Since the introduction of the Tesla Model S in 2012, a new age of mobility has begun in Switzerland. Today, many car manufacturers offer attractive electric cars.

    Meanwhile 83% of the Swiss can imagine driving an electric car. In reality there are still a few less, but the share of electric cars in the total number of new registrations is increasing every year. Some years ago, only 59% could imagine buying an electric car.

    To the high interest of the Swiss people comes one of the best electric filling station networks in the world.

    But why are electric cars so popular?

    What buyers appreciate most about them are their reliability and modern technology, as well as the driving experience, smooth running and low maintenance costs. So it seems obvious why many Swiss people could imagine owning an electric car.

    But the change from something familiar to something unknown is always a big step. Therefore CARIFY offers the electric car as a subscription. This way, every person can test electric cars before they switch, or simply drive the car of their dreams.

    Rent an electric car at CARIFY

    We work together with various partners so that you can find your dream electric car with us. This way you will find the car that best suits your needs, be it sporty or elegant or simply practical for everyday use.

    The exact details and more information about the process can be found here.

    Electric cars in Switzerland more environmentally friendly than in other countries

    An often voiced criticism of electric cars is that they are not as environmentally friendly as is often claimed. Here it is important to have a differentiated picture. On the one hand, it depends on the raw materials used and their mining. On the other hand it depends on the electricity used to charge the car.

    Here, the electricity mix of a country is considered to be decisive. Per consumed kilowatt hour one reckons with approx. 40 g CO2, in Germany however with a value almost 10 times higher.

    Only about 8 g CO2 are consumed per kilometer.

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