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    The ideal everyday companion

    In densely populated areas, it is often difficult to maneuver a large car through traffic, not to mention finding a parking space in a reasonable amount of time, which is also affordable. These problems seem to be non-existent for small cars. It is almost as easy to meander through the traffic as it is with a motorcycle.

    Everyday things like shopping or getting to work are no problem for small cars, they offer enough space for shopping and get you to work efficiently, quickly and safely.

    Not only are small cars especially practical and save you the frustration of searching for a parking space in an SUV, they also have significantly lower maintenance costs than other types of vehicles. Rising gasoline prices, which drive pick-up and SUV drivers to ruin, pass small car drivers almost without a trace. Start to profit from the advantages of the small car and get your own small car!

    Rent a small car - instead of leasing a small car

    The small car subscription offers many advantages over leasing a small car. There is no need to make a down payment with the subscription, so there is no one-off major burden and your mobility expenses are constant and can be planned optimally. There are no additional costs for insurance, repairs and taxes with the subscription. Everything is included in the subscription, only refuelling is not yet included in the price.

    Long-term commitment? That was yesterday, at least for car subscribers. In everyday life you need a small car, in summer you go mountain biking in the mountains and need an SUV? No problem, so car subscribers enjoy maximum flexibility and the car is constantly adapting to your needs.

    Choose your dream car, book it and drive off.

    You can find the exact details and further information about the process here.

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