Car subscription for electric cars: E-mobility in an all-inclusive model

Florian Fratzscher - February 8, 2021

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If you have ever taken an electric car for a spin, then you know that the driving experience in an electric car is unique. The smooth feeling of floating over the roads and the fast acceleration are simply incomparable.

Maybe you have never been in an electric car, but you are still interested in the topic for technological, sustainability, or other reasons and would like to learn more. You are certainly not the only one! As we all know, electromobility is on everyone's lips and questions seem to be raised rather than clarified by the discussion. For this reason, we have collected the following questions to provide more clarity.

  • Is electromobility really catching on in Switzerland?

  • What about the range? Can I make it to Ticino without taking a three-hour break?

  • Are there enough charging stations in Switzerland?

  • Are e-cars only for the big wallet or how will prices develop in the future?

If you want to find out the answers to these questions, be sure to read on.

E-mobility goes through the roof, even in 2021

Electric cars have made it. They have arrived in the middle of the car market and are now part of the strongest-growing vehicle segment. The work of Elon Musk, or Tesla, was not entirely irrelevant to this success.

But what does this success look like on Swiss territory? Since 2015 alone, 25,000 electric cars have been registered in Switzerland and demand continues to rise. With Tesla's Model 3, an electric car has even made it into the top 5 best-selling cars for the first time. The topic of e-mobility is becoming increasingly popular, which is reflected not only in demand but also in supply. Many car manufacturers are jumping on the electromobility bandwagon. The result is greater ranges, better driving assistants, and lower prices.

The market for private mobility is in a state of upheaval, and prices for electric cars as well as domestic charging stations continue to fall. So, it's no surprise that as of November 2020, around 13 percent of new cars registered in Switzerland are equipped with electric drive systems.

The prospect of more environmentally conscious driving coupled with the latest technology, driving assistants, and increased driving pleasure is convincing many motorists to switch.

Not 100% convinced yet or still have doubts about e-mobility? No problem!  If you do not want to switch directly, but want to test it first, a car subscription is an affordable option. This allows you to test an electric car in an all-inclusive long-term rental. The highlight of this is the flexible rental period and affordable monthly installments, instead of a long-term commitment like buying a new car.

Test electric car subscription now

Car subscription from CARIFY - all-inclusive driving!

Charging electric cars is easier than finding a phone charging station at Zurich central station

So, we have seen that electric cars are becoming more and more popular in Switzerland. No matter if small car, family car, or luxury sports car there is always an electronic alternative to the current combustion engines. Apart from the attractive e-car choice, in Switzerland, you benefit from the densest public charging network in Europe. Not bad, right?

More facts about electric cars in Switzerland

  • The well-connected charging network is one of the main drivers behind Switzerland being in the top 5 European countries with the highest share of electric vehicle registrations. Only Norway, the Netherlands, and Iceland are more advanced.

  • The most popular electric car models in Switzerland are the Tesla Model 3, the Renault Zoé, the Hyundai Kona EV, and the Nissan e-NV200. All models offer a particularly long range of 350 to 550 kilometers.

  • After just 50,000 kilometers, the increased greenhouse emissions from the production of an electric car are offset.

  • A complete switch to electric cars would require only 20 percent of Switzerland's current electricity needs for charging.

  • At CARIFY, e-mobility supply grows by more than 30% each month.

 Monthly growth rate of CARIFY's e-mobility supply: 31.5%.

Conclusion: e-cars are good, but...

Many of us are familiar with the advantages of e-cars, but we still have some reservations about e-mobility. That is understandable, given the novelty of the technology. But what do we know for sure?

The prices of e-cars will continue to fall in the future, the ranges will steadily improve, there will be more and more charging stations, and new models will enter the market. In other words, e-mobility will continue to improve and innovate greatly in the future. That is why it makes sense for you to approach e-mobility step by step. With an e-car on subscription, it is possible to gain initial experience and find out whether you want to make the switch or would rather wait for other models.

If you want to know more about e-cars on subscription, then read the following article about the advantages and disadvantages of e-cars.

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