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The biggest car subscription platform for car dealers

CARIFY is the fastest and easiest way to start your car subscription service.

  • Generate up to 30% more revenue

  • Support new sales models

  • Grow your subscription fleet to any scale


On the pulse of time with CARIFY

Studies have shown that the market share of cars on subscription will account for 40% of the entire industry by 2030.

We help Swiss garages to become car subscription providers themselves.

Selling long standing Stock faster

Our partners confirm that vehicles which have been rented out via CARIFY are sold three times faster on average than long-distance vehicles which have not been advertised on CARIFY.   

Faster Sales

CARIFY Makes it Possible

stars Access to the biggest Car Subscription Marketplace

stars New customer acquisition through Auto-Abo

stars Monthly profit increase for your garage

stars Collect subscription instalments and then sell the vehicle

CARIFY Partners

The car subscription simplified.

With CARIFY, you can concentrate on your cars and we'll take care of the rest.

With the comprehensive management and administration software, you can handle your inventory in an automated way. The CARIFY online marketplace takes care of marketing, advertising, payment processing and customer service for subscription matters throughout your subscription.

Invest in growing your subscription service with the confidence that you are supported by a team of car subscription specialists.


The CARIFY subscription service for you

No matter what size business, CARIFY offers the best solution for everyone to achieve your subscription goals.

With our service, we provide you with the easiest entry into the subscription market.

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CARIFY AUTOPILOT - Gone are the non-sellers

With CARIFY AUTOPILOT, non-sellers are a thing of the past. The AUTOPILOT takes care of listing cars you cannot sell after a certain amount of days automatically. It is a one-click solution to turning your non-sellers from dead capital to revenue.

Furthermore, your chances of receiving bookings increases by 25% through data-driven, dynamic pricing - all taken care of by CARIFY.

Kevin Bauman

Sales Director
Auto Kunz

It really pays off to put the cars you can't sell on a subscription basis. When it comes back, you can sell it as a second-hand car.

Nico Gehrig

Sales Director

"With CARIFY, we have already successfully concluded over 350 car subscriptions - thus generating up to 30% more profit from our stock!"

Kevin Knoll

Leiter Disposition
PP Autotreff

We really have everything on the platform, also new cars, the complete range and something from every model.


CARIFY White is the integration of our platform on your website. It enables:

  • You cars to be listed without being compared to others.

  • Enhanced digital presence

  • Increase you website traffic

Invest in growing your subscription service with the confidence that you are supported by a team of car subscription specialists.


CARIFY Finance

Through Partnerships with Financing Organizations you are able to refinance your vehicles with attractive conditions. Benefits:

  • No limitation on cashflow

  • Ability to purchase new vehicles

  • Easy access to capital

This enables you to build up a additional Revenue stream without binding necessary Capital.

Request Live Demo

Do you want more information? Then simply book an appointment and one of our team members will happily give you a tour of the Plattform and answer any open questions you have. 


Frequently Asked Questions
What is a car subscription? chevron_right

A car subscription represents an innovative mobility concept in which subscribers have the opportunity to use a vehicle for a flat monthly fee without having to bear the traditional obligations and costs of a classic car purchase or lease.

Why is the car subscription important for my garage? chevron_right

In addition to the traditional purchase and leasing offers, the car subscription model is establishing itself as an additional sales channel with promising potential. Customer demands are changing and require a higher degree of flexibility and simplicity.

What opportunities do I have with the car subscription? chevron_right

The CARIFY car subscription gives you the opportunity to make the most of your vehicle fleet. In particular, vehicles that have been standing unused for a long time can be converted into monthly sales. You can optimise mileage and generate attractive used vehicles that can be sold up to three times faster.

Why CARIFY? chevron_right

CARIFY puts you, the car dealer, at the centre and gives you access to the car subscription market. In doing so, you have the steering wheel firmly in your hands and can customise it entirely according to your wishes. CARIFY takes care of customer acquisition, collection risk and customer care, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Which vehicles are interesting for the car subscription model? chevron_right

The car subscription model offers you the opportunity to optimise your vehicle fleet. It is particularly interesting to offer new drive models - be it electric or hybrid. Regardless of the drive type, compact cars and SUVs are in high demand. Of course, it is in your interest not to impair your sales, so you have the opportunity to select vehicles that are currently not performing optimally in sales.

What are the benefits of the CARIFY Autopilot? chevron_right

The CARIFY Autopilot automates your car subscription business, enabling you to effortlessly convert your long-haul vehicles into monthly revenue. By automatically recognising and unlocking your long-standing vehicles, you can increase your booking opportunities by 25%.