The new traffic rules 2021 in Switzerland

Florian Fratzscher - February 8, 2021

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From 2021, several new traffic rules will apply in Switzerland. Therefore, we have compiled an overview of the most important changes of the update for you.

Regardless of whether you are buying a car, leasing a car, or taking out a car subscription, the new traffic rules in 2021 will change quite a bit on Swiss roads. Drivers of advanced technologies cars will particularly benefit from the new traffic changes. This is because autonomous driving has been permitted, at least in parts, since January 1, 2021. True, you cannot yet take your hands off the wheel when driving on the highway or in city traffic. But, if the car has an autonomous parking assistant, you can let it park autonomously from now on.

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New traffic rules – in the city

Turning right at the red light

Since January 1, 2021, cyclists and moped riders can turn right at a traffic light when it’s red. As a result of a successful pilot project in Basel, you are officially allowed to turn right throughout Switzerland despite red traffic lights. However, this is not a general permission and requires a signal sign. If this is not present, the prohibition continues to apply.

New advantages for cyclists

As of now, areas for cyclists can be set up at traffic lights. These will be marked on the roadway and allow you to get in front of other road users. This increases your visibility and safety as a cyclist.

Children on bikes are allowed on the sidewalk

Children are allowed to ride their bikes on the right side of the sidewalk until the age of 12. However, this is only allowed if there is no bicycle lane. Pedestrians still have the right of way and children are only allowed to ride at walking speed. Electric scooters are included in this regulation.

More parking spaces for electric cars

The white and blue parking spaces are now joined by green ones. In addition to the symbol for the charging station, it is also indicated that only electric cars may park here. Furthermore, new paid parking spaces will also be created for e-bikes up to 45 km/h, mopeds and motorcycles.

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New traffic rules 2021 - On the highway

Passing on the right is now possible

Overtaking on the right side of the highway has always been a hot topic and is punishable by law. Since January 1, 2021, it has been possible to pass on the right, left, or middle lane in the event of a traffic jam, slow-moving column traffic, or an accident. However, this should not be confused with overtaking on the right, as such overtaking maneuvers remain prohibited.

Zipper principle becomes mandatory

If two lanes narrow into one, either because of a road works or an accident, the zipper principle is no longer just recommended, but mandatory. In this case, you drive to the end of the narrowing lane and must be let in by the other road users while changing lanes. If one insists stubbornly on one's advantage and does not create a gap to merge, a 100 franc fine can result. This change is intended to ensure that the column never comes to a complete standstill and to improve the flow of traffic.

Higher speed for trailers and caravans

Until now, the highest 80km/h was allowed if you pulled a trailer or caravan up to 3.5t. Since January 1, 2021, you are allowed to drive 100km/h on Swiss highways if the trailer has tires approved for 100km/h.

Form emergency lane immediately

All drivers must form a rescue lane without being asked to do so, so that help can be given better. This must be done immediately and not only when blue lights are approaching. Be careful not to swerve onto the emergency lane. In tunnels, stay as close as possible to the edge of the road. Also, make sure to switch on the hazard warning lights when forming the emergency lane in order to avoid further accidents.

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Get informed and stay safe in 2021

For additional information and more details on the individual rule changes, you can visit the following website. So that you know exactly what to look out for in Swiss traffic in 2021 and avoid unnecessary surprises.

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