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Florian Fratzscher - febbraio 8, 2021

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There are more and more arguments in favor of driving an electric car. This is also reflected on the roads, where more and more electric cars can be seen but not heard.

If you want to try out electric mobility as uncomplicatedly and digitally as possible, you should think about an electric car subscription. Why? Quite simply put, you may want to try out an electric car without spending your savings right away. Before you buy one, you probably want to know what the driving experience is like or how the charging works. On top of that, more and more electric cars are coming onto the market, which can greatly devalue other models due to the improved technology. No one has any desire to accept such a loss in value. Really nobody.

If you are interested in electric cars and want to know more about the e-car subscription, read on.

The pros and cons of electric cars

Before you jump into the electric car adventure, we want to introduce you to the main pros and cons of electric cars. It is clear that the trend is moving in the direction of electric cars, but at the moment there may still be a few limitations that could prevent you from choosing an electric car.

Depending on how much you drive, how long your routes are, and, whether you have easy access to a charging station, an electric car may make more or less sense for you.

The advantages of electric cars

Less CO2 emissions: an electric motor does not burn gasoline or diesel. Accordingly, there are less harmful exhaust gases. However, if the electricity is produced with e.g. brown coal, this advantage is of course invalid. Therefore, the electricity mix plays a big role in charging electric cars.

Lower maintenance costs: The purchase prices are currently still somewhat higher than for the combustion engine alternatives. However, the higher purchase price is offset by significantly lower maintenance costs - no oil changes, less brake wear, and lower-maintenance engines.

Reduced tax burden: electric cars (not plug-in hybrids) are exempt from automobile tax at a rate of four percent of the vehicle's value. Several cantons additionally grant a reduction in motor vehicle tax on clean, particularly energy-efficient vehicles or waive taxation altogether.

Disadvantages of electric cars

High purchase prices: Even for compact models with an average range of 300 kilometers, between 40,000 and 45,000 francs still have to be paid. There is a lot of room to move upwards, and for an electric luxury car, you quickly pay 100,000 francs and more.

Battery technology has room for improvement: Unfortunately, electric cars cannot yet keep up with combustion engines in terms of range. Models with small energy storage units have to be charged after 200 kilometers, but the average car can now travel up to 300 kilometers, and some top models even manage 400 kilometers.

Composition of the battery: The mining of lithium and cobalt is environmentally harmful and, the working conditions on site often inhumane. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are also not really transparent about the supply chain.

Long charging times: Charging batteries simply takes time without superchargers.

Advantages of the electric car subscription from CARIFY

What is an electric car subscription?

With CARIFY's car subscription model, customers also benefit from flexible terms and a monthly flat rate instead of purchase and maintenance costs. Just one week after ordering, you can start driving right away.

The following services are automatically included in the CARIFY electric car subscription:

- Insurance

- taxes

- Registration and registration fees

- Maintenance and repairs

Only electricity for charging you have to pay yourself.

So, it is the perfect solution for you if you need a car only for a certain time or want to test different cars.

At CARIFY you will find a wide range of exciting electric vehicles. Maybe a Tesla subscription is right for you?

You are not sure? Then a car subscription is the best choice. No long-term commitment and full flexibility. So, you can easily test an electric car.

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Conclusion E-Mobility

For a large part of the Swiss population, environmental protection is one of the most important issues of the future. At the same time, electric cars are getting better and better and are a great alternative, especially in urban areas.

Whether an electric car makes sense for you, however, you must of course assess for yourself based on your own needs. If you are not quite sure, then the electric car subscription from CARIFY is certainly a good option for you. This way, you can first test whether it is right for you without spending huge sums of money on buying a car.

Just look at our overview of e-cars and choose a model that interests you. You can reserve your dream car digitally and be on your way within a week. If it does not fit, you can easily switch to another car. This flexibility is the big advantage of CARIFY's car subscription. If you want to learn more about e-mobility in Switzerland click here.

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