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    Our Volvo's on subscription

    Volvo the safe and elegant family car

    Scandinavia: For many, the epitome of beautiful and great scenery. Volvos also have this Scandinavian elegance and therefore convince with their beautiful design. Not only the design is convincing, for many the most important thing for their own offspring is the safety of the little passengers.

    No other brand stands as much for safety as Volvo. For decades, the brand has been considered a pioneer when it comes to active and passive safety in cars. So Volvo carries out a number of safety tests to put the cars through their paces. These include the famous moose test. This involves the driver having to avoid an obstacle that suddenly appears. This tests and ensures the driving stability of a vehicle.

    As an added bonus, Volvo's long tradition of focusing on fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars since the 1970s can be seen.

    Volvo carsubscription - Volvo Leasing was yesterday

    Currently you are faced with the question of whether you should rent, lease or buy a new car? We at CARIFY bring a fourth option into play: Subscribe to the car that suits you and stay flexible. Would you like to drive a sports car again before you move? Before you need something practical for the city? Or do you only need a car for you and your family in winter? For the summer holidays you need a station wagon with lots of space?

    All this is no problem with CARIFY! With the self-selectable minimum running time you can determine your own degree of flexibility.

    But you not only gain flexibility with a subscription - you also protect yourself from unexpected additional costs. Service, insurance, taxes - you pay for all of this additionally when you buy or lease. With a car subscription, you can be sure that you won't have to, because it's all included in the monthly payment. Make your costs predictable!

    You no longer have to worry about other inconveniences such as changing tyres. They are included in the car subscription. This means that the only additional costs you have to pay are the fuel costs your Volvo needs. Because Volvo engines are particularly fuel-efficient, only minimal additional costs are incurred.

    It can therefore be said that our subscription is an all-inclusive package that can save you a lot of time and trouble. A real all-round carefree package!

    It is also very easy to take out a subscription! It takes only a few minutes to complete the subscription.

    Now the question of all questions is, how can you take out a subscription? Taking out a subscription and benefiting from the many advantages is child's play. First you choose the right car, then the number of kilometres you drive per month. Finally, you choose the minimum duration of your car subscription. We take care of the rest. You can relax and wait for your new car.

    If you have any questions, you can find more information about our subscription here.

    Volvo a unique brand

    Volvo is a brand that is more than 100 years old, founded in 1915 as a division of SFK and managed as an independent company from 1926/27. Since its foundation there have always been funny facts and amazing things about the company.

    Did you know that the Volvo logo has nothing to do with the masculinity mark? In the past, the symbol was used for iron and for the Romans it stood for Mars, the god of war. So the symbol can be used in many different ways. This diversity is also reflected in Volvo's diversity, which is why this logo was chosen. Volvo stands for durability, strength, safety and elegant design.

    Did you know that a Volvo car holds a world record? Irv Gordon drove his Volvo P1800 (built 1966) over 3 000 000 kilometres and still continues to drive it. It shows here how durable Volvos are. A Volvo is always a good choice.

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