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    Tesla - the electric car built from scratch

    For Tesla, the electric motor and the driver are central to the production and planning of the vehicles. Thanks to this focus, Tesla has been able to achieve a milestone in electric mobility. The Tesla models S and X were the first electric vehicles that are really suitable for everyday use.

    Tesla has also taken up the cause of building electric vehicles suitable for long distances. Thanks to the high density of superchargers (Tesla's fast-charging stations), long-distance journeys (even through the entire continent Europe) can be undertaken without any problems.

    The brand has also always combined the apparent opposites of modern technology and simplicity. The goal is to inspire the hearts of the mobile users. This succeeds thanks to the futuristic but still simple design that the Teslas have.

    The appearance combines future orientation and simplicity. Thus Tesla meets the taste of the most different persons in each case excellently. Thanks to the continuous striving for improvement, Tesla succeeds again and again in setting new standards.

    Subscription Tesla Leasing - Tesla Leasing is old fashioned

    The question that arises is, why should I stop leasing? I have always done that. It was quite pleasant, I could always drive new cars and it worked well.

    The answer is simple, a subscription car offers further advantages over leasing. With a subscription, for example, you do not have to worry about the insurance. We also take care of the encashment, the service and all the tedious things. Use the time you have gained and enjoy your free time.

    Moreover, the subscription is much more flexible than leasing. With a subscription, you can change your car after the minimum duration (freely selectable between 1, 3 and 6 months), not so with a leasing. Adapt your car to your needs at any time!

    A further advantage, which we have already briefly mentioned, concerns the maintenance of the vehicle, such as service, tire change or repairs. All this is already included in our monthly subscription. The car is also redeemed for you by our partners.The only thing they have to do themselves is charge the car.

    In summary, the car subscription is even more flexible and simple than leasing.

    In just a few steps you can be one of the happy car subscribers. Just follow these steps: Select car, book, get in and drive off. And you have already found your happiness in the subscription.

    History of Tesla

    The company Tesla was founded in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The founders resigned in 2008. In spring 2004 venture capital investors joined the company, Elon Musk became chairman of the supervisory board and is today the face of Tesla. At the end of 2019, the company employed around 48,000 people. The headquarters of the automotive group is located in Silicon Valley.

    The roadster, built from 2008 to 2012, was the world's first electric production vehicle with a battery system. This was followed by the development of the luxury class sedan Model S. Shortly afterwards, the somewhat larger SUV/van crossover Model X with gullwing doors was established in the market. The Tesla Model 3 has been on the roads since 2017. In total Tesla has produced more than one million battery electric passenger cars. And the trend is rising.

    Currently the company is developing the Tesla Model Y.

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