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    Our Škodas on subscription

    Škoda design and technology at an unbeatable price

    Škoda produced its first car as early as 1905, making it one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry. This lead in experience was put to good use, as the company has already been voted 16 times by Auto Illustrierte as the manufacturer with the best price-performance ratio.

    Škoda's philosophy of shining through performance, not showmanship, is particularly effective here. These values are shared by many Swiss people and they do not want a swank car, but a beautiful and reliable companion with which they can go through thick and thin.

    At the heart of the design is a flawlessly functioning design that has a unique crystalline look. Škoda always remains true to itself and pays attention to the combination of function and style. For the exterior, this means fusing elegance, well-shaped lines and crystalline design. In the interior, attention is paid above all to craftsmanship and freedom of movement.

    Škodas are the perfect cars for people with a taste for design, but who are also doers.

    Škoda subscription car hire - Škoda leasing is a thing of the past

    Leasing means commitment and this with the same additional expenditure as when buying a car. Take out insurance, pay extra for repairs. If you just think about it, all the joy of the vehicle is lost. This is why we at CARIFY have created the car in subscription. Much cheaper than renting, much more flexible than leasing or buying. And there are other advantages as well.

    Anyone with a valid ticket can book our subscriptions. The desired vehicle is selected, a pickup date is arranged and the car can be used.

    We are often asked whether the subscription has additional costs. We can answer this question with the best conscience with no. Everything is included from insurance to repairs. The only thing that has to be paid for is the gas. You too can benefit from the best offer in Switzerland and choose a vehicle today!

    The exact details and further information about the process can be found here.

    Škoda becomes sustainable

    Environmental responsibility is naturally part of Škoda's corporate strategy. This is because everyone must take responsibility for future generations. That is why the company makes sure that the entire product life cycle is taken into account when developing new vehicles. This means that Škoda cars are not only safe, practical and comfortable, but also particularly environmentally friendly.

    Škoda also relies on new drive technologies such as natural gas. The Škoda Octavia, which runs on natural gas, was voted the most environmentally friendly car in its class in 2019. The efforts are paying off and the cars are becoming more environmentally friendly every year.

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