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    Our Seats on subscription

    Full speed ahead into a good future with Seat

    Seat offers a wide range of drive systems, with a relatively large focus on gas. The drive method using gas is also called CNG, which is the abbreviation for Compressed Natural Gas. In Switzerland, CNG has a 22.4 % share of biogas, which is 100% renewable energy.

    Gas-powered cars are over 25% more environmentally friendly than petrol and diesel cars in terms of CO2, but it is not only here that they do better. Even when comparing emissions of particulate matter, CNG cars are clearly ahead. Refuelling is quick and easy, and here they outperform other competitors, which are also more environmentally friendly than petrol and diesel.

    CNG vehicles are equipped with an internal combustion engine that can operate equally well with compressed (natural) gas and petrol. By default, CNG cars run until the gas is empty and then switch to gasoline, the driver doesn't notice anything at all, there is no need to fear a loss of performance due to the change.

    Seat shows how innovation works and also offers innovations in other areas. See for yourself the quality and innovation of Seat cars.

    Seat rental by subscription - Seat Leasing was yesterday

    Everyone knows you, the leasing trap, there is not one person who does not have at least one friend who had to pay a larger amount of money because he or she had leased a car. Until now there was no alternative that could compete with the advantages of leasing and did not have the disadvantages. So the perceived least evil of leasing was chosen, because renting would be even more expensive and buying a car would mean a high direct payment. But this problem is a thing of the past with the car subscription!

    A Seat Abo offers many advantages. The costs are clear at the beginning, insurance, taxes and repairs are already included in the monthly price. During the term of the subscription, money is only spent on refuelling. This means there are no unpleasant surprises after the end of the term, not as with leasing.

    The exact details and further information about the process can be found here.

    From Barcelona out into the world

    Seat was founded in 1950, Seat is the abbreviation of Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo. The foundation took place in Barcelona's industrial park, more precisely in the Zona Franca. In the beginning, the state owned 51 percent of the company, with Spanish banks holding 42 percent and Fiat 7 percent. The first car left the Seat factories in 1953. The first cars were based on the Fiat 1400.

    In 1982, a cooperation with Volkswagen began, then gradually VW took over. This was completed in 1986.

    Until 1984, Seat vehicles were all licensed production of the Fiat group. This meant that their cars were almost identical in construction to the Fiat and Lancia cars of the time. Even some time after the takeover, production was mainly under licence, and this is still partly the case today.

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