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    Our Opel on subscription

    Opel a pioneer of sustainability

    From 2024, every Opel product line will have at least one electric version. This can be a fully electric car or a hybrid. This will allow customers to choose which drive system is best for them. Opel is conducting intensive research into fuel technology.

    Opel sees environmental protection as one of the greatest challenges facing the industry and sees itself as having a duty to do so and intends to take up this challenge. Therefore a lot of money and time is spent on the development of new technologies in every area of production. The goal is to reduce the own CO2 footprint and to be a positive example for the industry.

    As early as the product design stage, consideration is given to how the efficiency of recycling can be increased and how everything can be reused. The aim is to avoid waste, thus protecting the environment and preserving material and energy resources.

    Rent an Opel as subscription - Opel Leasing was yesterday

    True to Opel's environmental philosophy, you have to ask yourself, do I really have to own a car, or not? In addition to the many times when the car is not used, long-term commitment and high costs come at your expense. Be it leasing by purchasing or buying the dream car.

    Here there is a solution that solves both problems. The solution is the car in subscription. Not everybody has to buy a car, but unlike car sharing, you always have it when you need it. In the months in which you do not use it, you do not have to pay for it and someone else can rent it for those months. This means that fewer vehicles are needed while maintaining the same level of comfort for the user at lower costs.

    In addition to the environmental and cost benefits, the subscription is simple and flexible. The subscription includes insurance, which means no more searching for insurance. This saves a lot of time, which can be used for joyful things.

    The subscription also includes the costs of repairs and tyre changes. The only thing you have to do yourself is refuel your car.

    Choose your dream car, book it, get in and drive off.

    You can find the exact details and more information about the process here.

    The story behind the Opel logo

    Opel started out as a sewing machine manufacturer, then moved on to bicycle manufacturing and the automotive industry. In the beginning the logo of Opel was an A in bronze and an O in red. A O were the initials of the founder Adam Opel.

    From 1886 onwards, the logo featured the goddess of victory Victoria and a cyclist. The picture was surrounded by the writing Victoria Blitz. The lettering came from the name of one of the first bicycles Opel built. It was not until 1909 that the name Opel became the logo, then as a sweeping lettering.

    The history of the Opel logo was very unsteady, for example in 1935, a Zeppelin was carried around with a yellow ring as logo. From the 1960s on, the Zeppelin slowly changed into a lightning bolt.

    The logo was then changed more or less every year until the two-dimensional logo known today, which dates from 2017.

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