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Mercedes-Benz the people at the centre

For Mercedes-Benz, people have always been the focus of their engineering skills. Thanks to this goal, technological milestones have been achieved time and again, such as the dual ignition system.

The brand has also always united the apparent opposites of heart and mind, the aim is to inspire people's hearts. While the intellect is convinced in the process.

The appearance unites tradition and future orientation, so Mercedes-Benz meets the taste of different people in an excellent way. In this way Mercedes-Benz always keeps its finger on the pulse of the times.

Subscription Mercedes-Benz Leasing - Mercedes-Benz Leasing was yesterday

The question that arises is, why should I stop leasing? I used to do that and it worked well.

The answer is simple, a subscription car offers too many advantages over leasing. With a subscription, for example, you do not have to worry about insurance. We take care of your insurance, use the time you save and enjoy your car or leisure time.

In addition, the subscription is much more flexible than leasing, with the subscription you can change the car after only one month, not so with leasing. Adapt your car to your needs and not you to the need!

Another advantage you can enjoy is the maintenance, such as changing tyres or repairs. Both are included in the monthly price with our subscriptions. The car is also redeemed for you by our partners. The only thing you have to do yourself is refuel.

In conclusion, the subscription is more flexible and easier than leasing.

In just a few steps you can be one of the happy car subscribers. Just follow the steps below: Choose your car, book it, get in and drive off. And you've already found your happiness in the subscription.

The exact details and further information about the process can be found here.

Origin of the name Mercedes-Benz

In the beginning, Daimler vehicles were not yet known under the Mercedes brand. The name was only created at the turn of the century. At that time Emil Jellinek drove a car from Daimler, with which he took part in the race week in Nice, among other things. He did this with the pseudonym Mercedes, which is based on his daughter Mercédès. Even if only used as driver's name, the name became known together with the cars of Daimler. Through a contract between Jellinek and Daimler, a vehicle with the name Daimler-Mercedes was created in 1900.

Due to the successful participation of some Mercedes vehicles in the Nice race week, the awareness of Mercedes increased rapidly. Already in 1902 Daimler protected the name Mercedes. The star has been used as a symbol since 1909.

In 1926, the company merged with Benz & Cie, which then became Daimler-Benz AG. This resulted in the logical name Mercedes-Benz.

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