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    Kia the guarantee for a satisfied driver

    Kia is one of the brands that makes its customers happiest. Over 92% of a survey by Autobild indicated that they would buy their Kia again. But why is this so?

    You have to get to know Kia. It pays attention to environmentally friendly car parts and promotes ecological innovation. Driving safety is one of Kia's most important goals. That's why only high-quality cars are built and Kia also supports every owner in driving responsibly and confidently.

    Kia's technical innovation is not only about the environment, but also about improving the driving experience on a grand scale, for example with assistance systems.

    It is not only in the equipment of the vehicles that Kia gives its all to keep its customers satisfied. It also focuses on design in order to inspire customers. The philosophy is simple, the design should be uncomplicated like a straight line. These stand for clarity and precision as well as distinctiveness. So the design fits perfectly with what is hidden underneath. The simple and straight design is refined with noble details and thus inspires the customers.

    Rent Kia by subscription - Kia lease was yesterday

    The question is easy to answer. Subscribing to CARIFY is more flexible and easier. With leasing, a vehicle must be used over a long period of time. With our subscription you can also use a vehicle for just one month and then use another one.

    Not only is the flexibility much higher than with leasing, but also the comfort is much greater. Repair costs, which are available with leasing, are not included in the subscription.

    The best thing is that you do not have to take out the insurance yourself, we do that for you. This saves you a lot of time and nerves to fight your way through the insurance jungle.

    Choose the car of your dreams, book it, get in and drive off.

    You can find the exact details and further information about the process here.

    From bicycle manufacturer to world-famous car brand

    Kia began its history as a manufacturer of bicycles in 1944. The name Kia came up in 1952, 10 years before the first cars were produced by Kia. The first vehicle was a three-wheeled mini truck.

    The competitor Asia Motors was taken over by Kia in 1976 and a few years later they built some models for the Korean market under licence for Peugeot. Through clever cooperations, Kia was able to expand continuously and open up new markets.

    In the course of the Asian financial crisis of 1998, however, Kia was then taken over by Hyundai. Since then, the company is doing well again and is enjoying growing popularity in many markets around the world.

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