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    Our FIATs on subscription

    Fiat brings a piece of Italian lifestyle to Switzerland.

    With a Fiat, the beautiful life of Italy is within reach. A drive in a Fiat reminds you at any time of the sunny summer days in Italy. Who wouldn't want to have a piece of freedom and holidays at home?

    With a Fiat this is possible at any time. Especially the Fiat 500 series is convincing in rural areas as well as in the city. With this small, agile car you can elegantly weave your way into any parking space. This can save nerves, time and last but not least fuel.

    Rent your Fiat with a car subscription - Fiat Leasing is yesterday

    For the summer there is nothing better than an agile car like the Fiat 500, but in winter an SUV like the Fiat Freemont is often the best choice. With a leasing, it is not possible to change according to your own needs. With a car subscription this flexibility exists. But a Fiat car subscription offers even more advantages, in addition to greater flexibility.

    With a CARIFY Fiat Auto-Subscription, tiresome paperwork for enrolment is a thing of the past. There is also no need to search for an optimal insurance solution, because CARIFY takes care of everything. The tyre change is already included in the monthly price, as well as any necessary service. In the subscription you only have one price, which shows all costs transparently, in the leasing you have many additional costs and other time-consuming expenses.

    The only additional costs you have to pay are for petrol or diesel.

    If you have further questions about the subscription, you will find the most important answers here. CARIFY will also be happy to answer any further questions.

    Fiat's heart is the family

    For over 120 years, the Agnelli family has been at the helm of Fiat's destiny, which has preserved the consistency of the Fiat brand and contributed to its continuous development. This constancy is also reflected in the fact that Fiat has won the European Car Award more than any other brand. Fiat has won 9 times, the second best brand, Renault has won the award only 6 times.

    Today, many more brands are affiliated with the Fiat Group, including top brands such as Maserati and Ferrari.

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