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    Our BMW on subscription

    At BMW, the driver is at the centre of attention

    Since the 1960s, BMW has been associated with the joy of driving. The joy of driving a BMW is still the focus of many of the Group's customers today. This is noticeable in both the technology and the design. As a customer, you immediately notice the manufacturer's love of cars.

    The logo as a trademark is seen as an obligatory element for high quality and the goal is to satisfy the customer's demands.

    Once the dream BMW has been found, one would like to get into the car and drive off. However, insurance still has to be taken out and the car has to be redeemed, both of which delay the driving pleasure. With the car in subscription, we take some of the tedious work off your hands. It is best to book right away and drive off.

    BMW rental by subscription - BMW Leasing was yesterday

    Many people ask themselves the question, why should I rent a car on a subscription basis when I can simply lease it?

    The answer is easy, a subscription has more advantages than leasing. Compared to leasing, our subscriptions offer more. Roll through 100s of insurance offers yourself? No, we take care of it.

    Another advantage for our customers is the high transparency of our subscriptions. The leasing industry is notorious for making agreements. In July 2019 the WEKO fined seven companies with a total fine of 30 million Swiss francs. You can find further information here. Due to the cooperation with many providers in Switzerland, you can rely on fair prices with us.

    Another advantage you can enjoy is maintenance, such as tire changes or repairs. Both are included in the monthly price with our subscriptions. The car is also redeemed for you by our partners. The only thing you have to do yourself is refueling.

    Choose a car, book it, get in and drive off.

    You can find the exact details and further information about the process here.

    Meaning of the BMW logo

    The history of BMW began in aircraft engine construction, only later were motorcycles and cars added. Therefore a legend about how the logo could have been created arose around the year 1930. Because of the origin, there is the assumption that the logo is a rotating propeller, which is shown.

    However, it is considered more likely that the logo is related to the predecessor company, Rapp Motorwerke. Their logo was a black circle with two white stripes, the name Rapp Motorwerke in the circle and a Rapp in the middle.

    Since BMW sees itself as the successor in every respect, the logo is probably based on that of Rapp. In the middle, as with Rapp, the name should be made clear. So it is obvious that the colors of Bavaria were chosen, blue and white.

    The logo has remained very constant over the years, but it is always adapted to the spirit of the times.

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