Our Alfa Romeos on subscription

Alfa Romeo brings a piece of Italian racing culture to Switzerland. All vehicles belonging to the Alfa Romeo brand look elegant and sporty and also drive like this. This is because Alfa Romeo has been an integral part of the motorsport scene for over 100 years. Alfa Romeo has actively shaped the racing sport.

The development of Alfa Romeo

Alfa was founded in Milan in 1910 (now the headquarters are in Turin). Even before the Alfa Romeo cars had really established themselves on the market, the First World War began. During the first world war, the founder Alexandre Darracq sold all his shares. When Nicola Romeo took over the management of the company after the end of the war, the brand with his surname was expanded to Alfa Romeo. However, the company also struggled to get off the ground afterwards. Alfa Romeo became insolvent in 1926 and was therefore dependent on guarantees from the Banca d'Italia. In 1933 Alfa Romeo was then nationalised. As a result, the company often had to subordinate itself to the interests of the state in its early days. For example, Alfa Romeo had to set up a production plant in Naples, even though all the plants were located in the north. This was demanded by the Italian government because it was supposed to reduce unemployment there. However, it resulted in a loss of productivity. All the cars that came out of this plant were sold at a loss.

After a series of ups and downs, the company was re-privatised in 1980 and then incorporated into the Fiat group. From that time on, Alfa Romeo was able to benefit from Fiat's know-how. Therefore the quality could be improved significantly. Since 2010, the number of different vehicles has been significantly reduced. Most competitors have increased the number of different vehicles. The reduction in the number of vehicles has led to a significant increase in quality at Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo subscription rental - Alfa Romeo Leasing was yesterday

Convince yourself now of the high quality of the new Alfa Romeo vehicles. As it has looked like in the last years, the quality of the Italian cars will also improve in the next years in big steps. Is it then still worthwhile to lease a vehicle for which you are bound for a long time? At CARIFY we are convinced that most drivers are better off with a subscription than with a lease.

After all, who wants to be on the road with old features just because they have decided to lease a car and are bound for several years?

Choose your current dream car and drive it for as long as you want. After just one month you can change your car, if you wish, and drive a completely different car. This way you are guaranteed not to miss any trends and can always drive a car with the latest technology. We will explain the best part of the car subscription to you now: The subscription price includes the all-inclusive service that comes with it. This means that we take over the costs for insurance, vignette and any repairs and tyre changes!

Choose your dream car, book it and get in. If you wish, we can deliver the car to any address in Switzerland or even in beautiful Liechtenstein.

The exact details and further information about the process can be found here.

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