CARIFY's Black Friday Sale: Switzerland's Largest Selection With Unbeatable Prices

Alyson - November 7, 2023

CARIFY's Black Friday Sale: Switzerland's largest selection with unbeatable prices

Black Friday is just around the corner, and CARIFY is offering a massive sale that will run throughout November:

  • 25% discount on selected models

  • Free home delivery for bookings of 6 months or more with the code BLACKDELIVERY

  • 700 Swiss Francs discount, spread over the duration, for bookings of 48 months with the code BLACKNOVEMBER

CARIFY is the largest car subscription platform in Switzerland with over 1,000 vehicles. Whether you're looking for a small electric car, a spacious SUV, or a minivan for your family, CARIFY's Black Friday Sale is the perfect opportunity to book your dream car.

What is a car subscription?

CARIFY offers an all-inclusive, flexible alternative to leasing or buying. A monthly subscription price covers all costs associated with your car, including comprehensive insurance with optional deductible, repairs, maintenance, tires, motor vehicle tax, and registration in your canton of residence. You only need to cover the cost of the fuel you use and any damages within your deductible. Find out how booking with CARIFY works here.


With over 1,000 vehicles, we offer the widest selection in Switzerland, catering to all needs. Additionally, when you choose CARIFY, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Flexibility: We offer subscriptions ranging from 1 to 48 months. You can cancel or extend your subscription on a monthly basis.

  • Cost Transparency: The monthly subscription price includes all costs related to your car, such as repairs, maintenance, tires, motor vehicle tax, and cantonal registration. And, of course, comprehensive insurance is already included in the subscription price.

  • Convenience: We take care of maintenance and more. You don't need to deal with a workshop, insurance companies, or the tax authorities!

  • Sustainability: While most subscription providers rely on brand-new cars exclusively made for subscribers, we collaborate closely with car workshops that make their existing vehicles available for our service. This way, we give existing high-quality vehicles a second chance and, at the same time, reduce the need to manufacture new cars, making our car subscription particularly sustainable. Additionally, we also offer new cars to provide a wide range of mobility solutions.

Make use of CARIFY's Black Friday Sale to drive your dream car. Visit our website and book a vehicle in just 5 minutes.

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