Sustainable Freedom Even When Driving a Car

Alyson - October 25, 2023

Sustainable Freedom Even When Driving a Car

Today, driving through the city in a stylish electric compact car, next month cruising on a winding mountain pass in a sporty two-seater, or picking up a sofa from the furniture store with a utility car- it sounds like the life of an influencer, but with CARIFY, it's possible for everyone. Through the car subscription platform, it is possible to rent your favorite car from over 880 different vehicles every month.

The startup CARIFY allows its customers to match the vehicle to their current needs, with a monthly cancellation period and no startup fees. At the same time, the all-inclusive offering covers everything from servicing to tire changes to insurance. Only the fuel has to be paid for separately. If an all-wheel-drive car is needed in the winter and a convertible in the summer, thanks to CARIFY, there is no longer a need for two vehicles. CARIFY customers only pay for what they actually use.

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A New Channel for Providers and Customers

According to co-founder Sergio Studer, CARIFY aims to better distribute existing resources in the market. In addition to private customers, businesses also benefit from the flexible mobility offering. For example, a startup that does not want to tie up its capital long-term can enter into a car subscription at flexible terms. And the platform is also attractive to a growing number of partner garages. Already, over 500 garages offer their cars through CARIFY.

CARIFY aims to make a significant contribution to sustainability through the flexibility of its subscriptions. The offering is intended to lower the barrier to entry into e-mobility. Users who have reservations about the new technology can test the benefits without a long-term commitment. "We prefer it if a person drives an electric car for nine months and only drives a gasoline car for three months, for example, during holidays when they need to cover longer distances without worry, rather than that person driving a gasoline car all the time," says Sergio.

With the combination of flexibility and sustainability, CARIFY captures the current spirit of the times and establishes a promising position in the market.

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This text was taken from an article from FOUNDED, a magazine for startups.

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