Jochen Rudat: Elon Musk's former most important man in Europe joins CARIFYs executive advisory board

CARIFY - March 17, 2021

Jochen Rudat: Elon Musk's former most important man in Europe joins the executive advisory board of CARIFY.

Ex-Tesla European CEO Jochen Rudat supports CARIFY with his long experience in the electric car industry and brings innovative expertise to the team.

After 10 years of Tesla experience now on the CARIFY Advisory Board

In 2009 - when Tesla was still an unknown start-up in the automotive industry - Jochen Rudat started as one of the first employees in Europe. He had his job interview with Elon Musk himself. At the time, Musk's innovative strength convinced him to work for the electromobility giant. For Jochen Rudat, it was clear that the future laid in electromobility, even though he was often ridiculed for this career move at the beginning. 10 years later, he led the Tesla team in Central Europe, and Tesla revolutionized the car market.

What does Jochen Rudat think about CARIFY's car subscription concept?

"With its offer, Carify is a pioneer of modern and simple mobility. The car subscription model has a great future ahead of it and will also offer enormous added value with the increasing electrification of cars to accelerate the change to new drive technologies. I see many parallels between Tesla and Carify. The consistent implementation of innovative ideas and the pursuit of constant improvement."

Jochen Rudat is quite clear about the added value of long-term car rental for Swiss car dealers:

"Both on the customer and garage side, electromobility is increasingly being in demand and offered. In order to make the market transformation from electromobility as smoothly as possible, CARIFY is bridging the gap for customers, dealers, and manufacturers alike."

With this reinforcement, CARIFY aims to continue to revolutionize mobility and set a trend that lasts.

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