One day at CARIFY: Ever wondered how it is to work in a start-up?

Sebastian Oberholzer - June 7, 2021

Have you ever wondered what a typical working day in a start-up looks like? Or do you just want to take a glimpse behind the scenes at CARIFY? Employee Sebastian shows you his daily work routine at CARIFY and gives you interesting insights on working for the biggest car subscription company of Switzerland. 

Who are you and what do you do for CARIFY?

My name is Sebastian and I work as a Marketing Intern at CARIFY. Besides various marketing projects, I take care of the maintenance as well as the upkeep of our social media ads and channels. Also, I work with data analysis tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Admanager and our CRM tool Hubspot. With the UX tool Figma, I can create various design ideas. 

What does your typical day look like?

First of all, there's no such thing as a typical working day. My day starts around 8:15 a.m. in our office in Zurich. We all get along great and especially after a weekend there is a big "hello" at a coffee round. We all know each other very well and like to exchange with one another. Then comes the weekly meeting - upcoming projects and goals are discussed in an interactive call. On eye level with the founders Sergio and Raffael we discuss, plan, and laugh - there are no hierarchies here. 

After reading the mails and structuring the tasks for the day, I’m ready. First, the new online ads are checked for any inconsistencies and performance changes - in a start-up with a limited budget, clean online advertising is key. Then I create the post "car of the week" - a really attractive car deal, which we spread on our social media channels. 

10 a.m.: Time for a coffee break, followed by a round of table football.

 Now I take care of current projects - in this case our new lottery. Various things have to be discussed and created: From the prize (a matching car) to the landing page, to the form with the personal data, to automated emails. I work very closely with our Hubspot expert Santino from Italy and marketing manager Melanie. In particular, I love the personal exchange and the introduction of ideas in this productive environment. In general, bringing in your own ideas is actively encouraged at CARIFY. 

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12 a.m.: It's lunch time!

We eat together on our sun-kissed terrace and talk about the new Audi e-tron GT. If it rains, we sit inside and share a pizza.

After lunch, we move on. Now I deal with new design ideas as well as our social media calendar. New posts need to be created, images need to be found and content needs to be written.

After a coffee break, I discuss new ideas for our blog with Ursina. What do people want to know? What's new? The idea is born to show a typical everyday life of CARIFY - the idea of this blog post is born. 

3 p.m.: Sprint Team Meeting

The whole team splits into small groups and we work on different approaches on how to solve or improve certain business aspects. Afterwards, we discuss different solutions for the customers' pain points. There are Juliàn and Lubo from the operations team, Jac from engineering, Raffael, co-founder of CARIFY as well as me. In a relaxed round we find the solution for a better booking process.

As you can see, there are a lot of different tasks to do, so boredom is definitely a foreign word.

Meanwhile it's 6 p.m. - time to go home We work as long as we are productive, according to the motto: "don't be busy, be productive". 

Almost done: What do you particularly like about CARIFY?

There are three things in particular that I have come to appreciate. Learning, creating and sharing. 

The learning curve in a start-up is steep. Not only because you are always and everywhere allowed to lend a hand and get lots of insights into the most diverse tools. Ideas, visions, and suggestions don't just gather dust in the corner - they are an integral part of moving forward and are actively encouraged. And there's also the exchange: We at CARIFY are a family. And like in every family, things are discussed together. In the exchange, new things are created, every idea has its place, and in the end, progress is made. 

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