CARIFY: The Most Affordable Electric Car Subscription Provider in Switzerland

Alyson - October 30, 2023

CARIFY is the most affordable car subscription provider in Switzerland

The consumer magazine K-Geld has examined various Swiss car subscription providers and has concluded that CARIFY is the most cost-effective!

Electric cars are on the rise, and for good reason

They are more environmentally friendly, quieter, and often offer a smoother ride than conventional combustion vehicles. In Switzerland, a country known for its stunning landscapes and environmental awareness, electromobility is especially relevant. At CARIFY, we have made it our mission to make electromobility accessible to you. As the most affordable electric car subscription provider in Switzerland, we take pride in driving this transformation.

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K-Geld Award

The award we were recognized by K-Geld, the Swiss consumer portal, as the most affordable electric car subscription provider in Switzerland. This recognition shows that our efforts to make electromobility affordable are bearing fruit. We are committed to making electric cars accessible to a wide range of people, and this award confirms that we are on the right track.

You can find the full K-Geld article here.

Electromobility starting at 389 Swiss Francs per month

Having an affordable electric car is a significant incentive for many people to switch to electromobility. At CARIFY, we understand this and have designed our offerings to be suitable for a wide range of budgets. Our most affordable model is currently available starting at 389 Swiss Francs per month.

However, the affordable price is only part of the story. Electric cars are not only cost-effective to operate but also offer a more sustainable alternative to conventional vehicles. With lower maintenance costs and a contribution to environmental protection, electric cars are the future of mobility.

The Electric Car Experience

Transitioning to electromobility can be an intimidating prospect. Range anxiety, charging times, and costs are common concerns that may deter you from switching to electric cars. At CARIFY, we believe that the best way to overcome these concerns is to experience electric cars in practice, flexibly, affordably, and conveniently. Our all-inclusive subscriptions provide the perfect opportunity to try an electric car without worrying about the details. Our subscriptions include mileage, maintenance, tire replacement, insurance, and more. This allows you to rent and drive your dream car without concerns about hidden costs. We offer lease terms ranging from 1 to 48 months, so you can drive and test the car for as long as you'd like.

Our Selection

At CARIFY, we believe in diversity. Our platform serves as a marketplace for garages that want to rent out electric cars. This enables us to continually expand our fleet and offer a variety of models. Our garage partners set the rental prices, which means you will always find competitive rates. We offer a wide selection of electric car models, so you can find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Whether you're looking for a small city car, a spacious SUV, or something in between, we have the right option for you.

The Future of Mobility

Electromobility is more than just a trend; it is a part of the future of mobility. With CARIFY, you can experience this future today without breaking the bank. Our unbeatable offers and wide range of electric cars make the transition to electromobility easier than ever before. If you want to explore the future of mobility and stay true to your wallet, then CARIFY is the right choice for you. Discover our irresistible offers and become a part of the electromobility movement. Together, we are shaping a sustainable future on Swiss roads.


CARIFY has established itself as the most affordable electric car subscription provider in Switzerland and is committed to making electromobility accessible to all. With affordable subscription prices, a wide selection of electric vehicles, and all-inclusive packages, CARIFY is the ideal choice for those who want to experience the benefits of electromobility without compromising on comfort or quality. Switching to electromobility has never been easier and more affordable. Be a part of the movement and shape the sustainable future of mobility in Switzerland with CARIFY.

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