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    Our Renaults on subscription

    Renault Drive Better. Live better.

    The force that drives Renault to this goal is the passion to inspire its customers. In doing so, they inspire the customer with their models and services. The design is deliberately friendly and emotionally chosen to give the driver a feeling of goodwill. Because who doesn't like to drive a beautiful car?

    But a beautiful car is not enough to make life better, so Renault cars have many thoughtful details that make life easier. Life feels so much easier and an easy life is better than a hard life. Make your life easier with Renault.

    Renault stands for the fact that goals can be achieved and that one is independent. For better driving, Renault does a lot of research and offers a first class service in case something unforeseen happens, like a rock fall.

    In the event of an unforeseen event, competent and carefully selected partner garages are on hand to help and the car is ready for use again after a very short time.

    Rent Renault as a subscription - Renault Leasing was yesterday

    What is the difference between subscription and leasing? And what is to be preferred?

    The first difference is that with leasing the insurance is not included in the instalments. With a car subscription the insurance is part of the monthly price. This means that as a customer you can not only save money, but also time for finding the right insurance.

    Another difference is that repair and tyre change are additional costs in leasing. In our subscription, the costs for repairs and tyre changes are already included in the price. The price therefore reflects all costs that are incurred. With one exception, refuelling is not included in the price as it is with leasing.

    Take advantage of the benefits of a car subscription and enjoy more money in your pocket and more free time for things you like.

    Choose your dream car at CARIFY now, book it, get in and drive away.

    You can find the exact details and more information about the process here.

    The story behind the Renault logo

    After its foundation in 1898, 20 years passed before a company logo was officially introduced. But even before that, the vehicles could be assigned to a manufacturer. Renault models at that time usually had a bow-shaped engine cover without a radiator grille. The wheel hub also bore the initials LR of the founder.

    As a result of increasing competitive pressure, Renault began to use its own logo in 1923. The first was a circular sign with cross lamellae on which the company name was embossed. The emblem also served as a screen for the horn.

    After only two years, the round logo had become obsolete and Renault switched to an angular one. It was the first time that a pointed standing parallelogram adorned the hood of a Renault. At that time, cubism was the trend.

    Also in the following years the Renault logo did not rest. At the end of the 1950s, the management put an end to the proliferation of logos, as the recognition value had fallen sharply. At that time it was decided that the logo had to be a black rhombus enthroned on a yellow background.

    In 1972, the logo was adapted to the spirit of the times, and the rhombus was given a three-dimensional appearance through clever line management. In addition, the company name disappeared and the tips of the rhombus were cut off.

    After that, the logo only underwent minor corrections.

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