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    Mini small but powerful

    The Mini was born in 1959, at that time it was not yet the darling of everyone. This did not change as fast as many would think today. Only in the course of the Suez Crisis the Mini came up big. Even then it was already convincing with its size and its smart construction.

    The new edition of the Mini from BMW has been available since 2001. The Bavarians succeeded in making a perfect scene-mobile. With which no two cars are alike. Because every Mini can and is individually designed.

    Minis can differ greatly from each other on the outside, be it through Checkered Flag on the wing mirrors or the Union Jack on the roof. Inside the Mini there are many more diversification points, which the owner of the Mini can enjoy.

    Rent a Mini by subscription - Mini Leasing was yesterday

    A Mini small, but fine, yet many consider buying or even leasing a Mini. This is because they do not yet know about the small but nice solution of the car subscription.

    This has, like the Mini, many advantages over other models. A car subscription means flexibility, simplicity and all inclusive.

    The car subscription is flexible, because the car can be adjusted monthly to suit the circumstances. The right one can be chosen from a variety of vehicles. The new car is ready within a few days and for many other reasons.

    Our subscriptions are simple because you don't have to take care of anything (except choosing your car) yourself. We take out the insurance conveniently for you. Repairs as well as tyre changes constantly result in expensive surprises when leasing or buying. With the subscription you make it easy for yourself, both are included in the monthly price. So you will never again experience a nasty surprise.

    Everything is included in the subscription, with the exception of fuel, enjoy the subscription, choose your dream car, book it, get in and drive off.

    The exact details and further information about the process can be found here.

    Mini the family among themselves

    There are many mini-fan clubs around the world. These not only celebrate the mini as a cult object itself, but are also a sworn family. So every year an international mini meeting takes place. It takes place every five years to commemorate the first mini production on the British Isles. In other years, the club that is allowed to host the meeting is selected in the previous year by means of an application phase. About 1'000 minis and their owners come together for this meeting.

    If you too would like to join the select circle of the Mini family, take the opportunity and take out a car subscription for a Mini now.

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