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    The underrated all-rounder

    As far as the loading area is concerned, the pick-up truck offers a level of comfort that neither SUV nor station wagon can even come close to. At the latest when it comes to bringing dirty goods home, such as the bike or handicraft material, the pick-up is clearly ahead.

    Even a station wagon equipped with a trailer cannot hold a candle to a pickup truck, because a trailer costs a lot of money. It has to be bought or rented, causes additional taxes and needs its own parking space. In rough terrain the trailer will fail completely, so you are better prepared with a pick-up.

    Storing groceries is just as easy for the pick-up as loading a cubic meter of wood. If the loading area becomes dirty due to the transported material, it can be cleaned with the hose. The loading area is then clean again within a very short time.

    But what else makes a pick-up apart from a large loading area?

    The technical construction is usually kept simple. A pick-up truck is usually based on a ladder frame, on which the driver's cab is located at the front with two or four doors and behind it an open loading area. The rear axle is usually rigid and has only leaf springs.

    Rent a pick-up with CARIFY - Pick-up leasing is yesterday

    A project planned for the summer? A mountain tour in winter? Or in autumn the wood for the heating has to be fetched? No problem with our pick-ups in subscription.

    Why should a pick-up be leased when who is really needed for only a few months? There is no real reason for this. Because we also take care of the time-consuming processes such as insurance and vehicle registration. The subscription is also the better solution for maintenance than leasing, because the subscription already includes repair costs, just like the recurring tire changes.

    The only thing that is not included is the refuelling. Find your dream pick-up now, book it, get in and enjoy its benefits.

    You can find the exact details and more information about the process here.

    the origin of the pick-up

    It is assumed that the pick-up was already developed in 1920 for the Australian outbacks as a universal vehicle for the farmers there. At that time, the loading area was probably not only used to transport goods, but also for the family. But some are said to have hunted from the pick-up truck or lassoed cows. Because of this universality, the pick-up truck quickly gained popularity.

    Today the pick-up is not only used in rural areas, it has now achieved cult status in all regions.

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