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    Minivan the solution for do-it-yourselfers, family people and sportsmen

    Nowadays, small cars are called minivans, which make the best possible use of the vehicle floor space. The term is derived from van, one of its peculiarities is the high vehicle roof. This is why they are very popular with craftsmen and families. There is no exact demarcation to the small car and the station wagon. However, minivans are usually between 3.70 and 4.10 meters long and 1.55 meters high.

    A minivan is therefore larger than an ordinary family car, but smaller than a van. This makes it the ideal type of vehicle for lots of luggage, DIY or sports equipment and the family.

    In order to find the perfect minivan, there are a few points to consider. For how many people is it needed? What does it cost to maintain? What is its driving feel? Does the personal material fit into the car? And many more questions. Some are difficult to find out. Even after a test drive, the driving experience cannot yet be conclusively determined. To make sure that the car really fits, we recommend the minivan subscription.

    Rent a minivan with CARIFY

    Are you regularly annoyed that your car has too little space in the winter sports season? Or does your current car generally often reach its limit? Then the minivan can help! Due to the large loading space it has a lot of space and is up to any challenge.

    But you don't always need the minivan because your sports season only lasts half the year? Until now, there was no solution that allowed you to have your car always fit your needs perfectly.

    But now it is here! The solution is called Auto Abo, with our Auto Abo you always have the right vehicle at your side and it's very easy. With the Auto Abo you can not only always drive the right car, but it also includes any necessary repairs. Also other additional costs such as taxes or insurance are already included in the price. And if the car does not fit anymore, the car can be changed directly after one month.

    Find the perfect car, book it and drive off.

    You can find the exact details and more information about the process here.

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