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    Suzuki the compact all-rounder

    The philosophy of Suzuki believes in compact cars. By compact cars Suzuki means the intelligent use of size, condensing the content and cleverly using the space available.

    Suzuki's vehicles are energy efficient and therefore have low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. In addition to the energy efficiency there is a 3 year warranty, which can easily be extended up to 5 years. For certain models the 5 year warranty is already included.

    The environmental friendliness and the good energy balance are accompanied by a clear conscience to drive the right car and at the best price. The standard equipment is already very extensive and this at an unbeatable price. But also the driving fun does not come too briefly, test the unique driving feeling of a Suzuki!

    Rent a Suzuki by subscription - Suzuki leasing was yesterday

    Have you always wanted a compact car with a good ecological balance and a great driving experience? Then Suzuki is the right car for you. But until now, you didn't want to commit yourself directly to a car as you would with leasing. Because what does a simple test drive say?

    Then the subscription is just right for you! Test the car for a month and if you like it just keep on driving, if the model or brand does not suit you, you can change at any time.

    In addition to flexibility, the subscription offers further advantages. Repairs are no longer a problem for the owner of our car subscription, as they are covered by the monthly fixed price. The insurance is also included in the price and won't cost you a minute more to take out.

    What do you have to do to make this dream come true?

    It's very simple! Choose your dream car at CARIFY now, book it, get in and drive away.

    The exact details and further information about the process can be found here.

    The story behind the success of Suzuki

    Suzuki was founded by Michio Suzuki in 1909, when the company produced looms. The company got off to a very good start, so it went public as early as 1920. In the course of time Michio wanted to diversify his company, he was looking for exciting products. In 1937 the development of a compact car began. After two years, several prototypes had already been created.

    The Second World War then put the brakes on the efforts to create an automobile of their own. Civilian vehicles were at that time considered by the government as irrelevant goods. But because of the good reputation Suzuki was allowed to produce for the imperial army. At the end of the war the focus was again on looms.

    In 1951 the textile market collapsed. Thus Suzuki dedicated itself again to the project vehicle construction. Already one year later the first motorcycle was presented. The production was structured in such a way that the motorcycle was as cheap and easy to produce as possible. The tactic worked, only two years later 6'000 units were sold per month.

    Encouraged by this success, the first car came onto the market in 1955. It was the first lightweight car and became a direct success in Japan. Even back then, Suzuki's focus was on innovation, quality and value for money. The philosophy then and now was to manufacture products that offered excellent value for money.

    This philosophy made Suzuki the success it is today. Since 2004 Suzuki has been focusing on strategic world models. These are sophisticated in design and technically on the highest level.

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