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    Subaru is known for the high quality four-wheel drive cars. Thanks to the Japanese precision and quality, the cars are very reliable and do not let the drivers down even at low minus temperatures. It is therefore not surprising that many locals in the Swiss mountains swear by Subarus.

    The development of Subaru

    Subaru wasn't always Subaru. The Fuji Heavy company was founded in 1953. Fuji Heavy Industries was looking for a marketable name after building their first car prototype, which they simply called P1. Since it is a merger of six companies, the brand name Subaru was created by the first president. Directly translated from Japanese this means to unite. This union is also reflected in the logo. The six stars, which all touch each other, symbolize the union. In the year 2017 the company was renamed and is now called Subaru Corporation.

    Why should you drive a Subaru?

    One of the best sales arguments for a Subaru is the high reliability and the high-quality workmanship of the vehicles. Furthermore the engines are known for their longevity. Even though Subaru has a relatively small market share across the entire car market, its market share in the four-wheel drive passenger car niche is very large. Subaru is now even the most successful and largest manufacturer of such vehicles. With Subaru's four-wheel drive, the Symmetrical AWD, you can get up any gradient because the drive of the individual wheels is perfectly coordinated. This succeeds - even today - the fewest car manufacturers. The perfect workmanship of the vehicles comes from the fact that Subaru produces a large part of the necessary components themselves. Therefore these parts fit into each other exactly to the millimeter. More and more people appreciate the high quality of Subaru. This can also be seen in the production figures. In 2017, more than one million vehicles were produced for the first time.

    Subaru rental by subscription - Subaru leasing was yesterday

    Like all car brands, Subaru has pushed the development of cars in big steps since the beginning of the new millennium. The quality of the cars has been improved significantly in the last years and it also looks like the cars will continue to develop on a high level in the next years. Is it then still worth leasing a vehicle for which you are bound for a long time? We at CARIFY leave this decision up to you - but we are convinced that you will literally drive better with a subscription.

    After all, who wants to be on the road with old features just because they have decided to lease a car and are bound by it? We don't, which is why we recommend the car with a subscription. Choose your current dream car and drive it as long as you want. After only one month you can change your car if you wish. This way you are guaranteed not to miss any trends and can always drive a car with the latest technology.

    Even if the modernity of the car is not the most important thing to you, the car subscription is probably the right thing for you. Because the best thing about the subscription is the all-round, carefree service that comes with it. Your subscription price already includes insurance, vignette and any repairs and tyre changes.

    Choose your dream car, book it and get in. If you wish, we can deliver the car to any address in Switzerland or in beautiful Liechtenstein.

    You can find the exact details and further information about the process here.

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