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    The South Korean brand SsangYong is a four-wheel drive specialist by tradition. Therefore, the brand is ideally suited for Switzerland, no matter whether you are on a winter vacation in the mountains or in the city, you will always be well received. The vehicles have excellent technology and an independent design, which makes them stand out from the crowd.

    The driver, quality and a special driving experience are at the heart of SsangYong's efforts and these elements are at the heart of every decision.

    The SsangYong brand is represented in over 115 countries. In Switzerland it has a well developed network of partner garages. A car subscription is the ideal way to enter the world of SsangYong.

    The meaning of the name

    The name of the brand comes from a legend about two dragons. Therefore the name "two dragons" is used as the official translation. According to the legend, the two dragons were inseparable, but then they should only be let into the sky one by one. The two dragons did not put up with this and showed a strong solidarity and achieved so that they were allowed together in the sky and the ruler made an exception.

    This steadfastness, reliability and the strong character also distinguish SsangYong.

    Your SsangYong as subscription - SsangYong leasing was yesterday

    For years one could only decide between leasing and buying. This decision had to be made after a single test drive. Thus, every purchase and every leasing is and was associated with a certain risk and new brands that were and are awarded to you were and are particularly risky. Because you never know exactly what you will get. With a car subscription you can help here.

    New brands, which have not been around in Switzerland for a long time, such as SsangYong, can be tested without problems and the best car for your needs can be found. The subscription price includes all costs, apart from the fuel costs and possible breasts.

    This means that service, tire change, insurance and taxes are already included in the price.

    How everything works in detail, you can find out here.

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