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    Smart uncompromisingly electric

    In the future, Smart wants to offer only electric vehicles and thus contribute to the quality of life in the city. There are and have been many reservations about this step. But the network of charging stations in Switzerland has now grown to over 3,000 charging stations. This is taking the wind out of the sails of critics.

    Another point which critics accuse electric vehicles of being only pseudo environmentally friendly. This means that the electricity they consume often comes from "dirty" energy. This is understood to be coal-fired electricity, for example. In Switzerland, however, this poses a minor problem. In this country, more than 60% of the electricity demand is covered by hydroelectric power and therefore does not emit CO2.

    Smart Leasing - Smart Leasing was yesterday

    Leasing: A curse and a blessing at the same time. In the past, it was the only alternative to buying that could compete on price. Because rental cars are comparatively very expensive. But apart from the fact that the amounts are staggered over a period of time, leasing does not have many advantages over buying.

    As with purchase, you are tied to the car and it is difficult, even harder than with purchase, to adapt it to your current needs. Lease a sports car and two years later have your first child? No chance of exchanging the car without paying a fine or committing yourself again for a long time.

    But now there is the car subscription, which combines the advantages of leasing, renting and buying and thus eliminates the disadvantages. With our car subscription you can change your car every month - there is no long-term commitment. But the Smart Abo does not only realize this advantage of a rental car.

    The advantage of leasing - the small payment per month - is also realized. And finally, behind every car there is a garage, which helps in case of problems, just like when buying a car.

    But the subscription offers even more advantages than just the advantages of buying, leasing and renting. Because the subscription also includes insurance, taxes and repairs. Only for the refuelling you have to pay extra.

    Choose your dream Smart, book it, get in and drive off.

    You can find the exact details and further information on the process here.

    Smart and its Swiss roots

    The idea for Smart came from Swiss entrepreneur Nicolas Hayek, who founded the Swatch Group. The idea at the time was a Swatch mobile. This was to be small and inexpensive. At that time he wanted to work with VW. The concept was based on the watches. With an exchangeable body and should include a cooperation with the railways, which should ensure the portability of the cars when travelling. However, VW got out after a while. Mercedes-Benz stepped in as a replacement.

    In 1994 there were only two design studies. Hayek wanted an environmentally friendly car with electric or hybrid drive even then. The company was finally founded in 1994 with Daimler-Benz (Mercedes-Benz). However, as costs increased and Daimler-Benz refused to develop technologies for a fuel-efficient car, Hayek left the company in 1998 and sold his shares to Daimler-Benz.

    Thus, nothing became of a new Swiss car. Only 25 years later, Smart switched to Hayek's idea and from 2020 will only produce vehicles with electric motors.

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