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    The three principles for success

    Already the fourth president of Mitsubishi, Koyota Iwasaki, defined the three principles for Mitsubishi's success.

    1) Responsibility towards society

    2) Decency and justice

    3) International understanding is defined by trade.

    These principles are still lived and maintained today.

    But it is not only these three principles that distinguish Mitsubishi today. Over time, a clear brand personality has developed. The Japanese design, which is characterised by simplicity and simplicity, is evident in all models. Another aspect of Japanese culture - which Mitsubishi has - is reliability. In addition, Mitsubishi vehicles have a very good price-performance ratio.

    Subscription Mitsubishi Leasing - Mitsubishi Leasing was yesterday

    For a long time there was only the option to buy a new car, then leasing came up, which allowed you to spread the costs better. Today there is a new option, which allows you to have the right car at any time and for a fixed monthly price (without unpleasant surprises) - the car subscription.

    Unlike leasing, a car subscription also includes insurance, taxes, service and tyre changes. So there are no further costs for the subscription, except for the cost of refuelling

    You can easily take out a subscription. Select the car you want, choose your desired pickup or delivery date and book the car. Afterwards you only have to insert and turn the key, CARIFY will take care of the rest.

    How everything works in detail, you can find out here.

    Jackie Chan bets on Mitsubishi, what are you waiting for?

    A successful personality in Japan, Jackie Chan met the CEO of Mitsubishi in the early 1980s. As early as 1984, Mitsubishi then provided vehicles for the film "Wheels on Meals". This partnership between Mitsubishi and Jackie Chan still exists today.

    In the first year of this cooperation, the Jackie Chan Cup was also directly organised. As part of this charity event, well-known personalities from the film industry compete in a friendly race for victory every year.

    In the meantime Jackie Chan also runs her own racing team, the Jackie Chan DC Racing. In addition to his love for film, he is a true motorsport fan and passionate driver.

    When will you start driving a Mitsubishi?

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