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    Jaguar sporty and elegant

    The design is elegant and filigree, the engine hisses like a cat of prey and the acceleration is fantastic. At the beginning of the company's history, however, there were not yet the sporty and elegant vehicles that we know today.

    At that time the company first produced motorcycle sidecars. It then developed via body repairs and bodywork production to the company that we know today.

    Today's vehicles convince through speed, technology and modern design. In short: It is a pleasure to drive a Jaguar.

    Rent a Jaguar with a subscription - leasing a Jaguar was yesterday

    Many people ask themselves what advantages a subscription brings, but are not available with leasing.

    A subscription has many advantages compared to leasing. The flexibility of a subscription is much higher than with leasing. With a subscription, you are only bound to us for one month and can cancel it every month without additional costs.

    Repairs and tyre changes, a suffering and expensive issue with leasing. Not so with a subscription, here everything is included in the price. So you need not be afraid of follow-up costs.

    Axa, Dextra, Helvetia, TCS or any other insurance? You don't have to worry about it like with leasing. We will solve this question for you.

    The only thing that is not included in the subscription is filling up. The same goes for: Choose a car, book it, get in and drive off.

    You can find the exact details and further information about the process here.

    Jaguar - the royal car

    Jaguar has been a purveyor to the English royal family since 1951. Jaguar received this distinction from King George VI, the Queen's father. The relationship between the Royal House and Jaguar has always been good.

    So on the Queen's 90th birthday a fleet of seven cars in the colours of England was allowed to participate. In 2015, the company received the Queen's Sustainable Development Award for its efforts.

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