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    Minimum Duration8
    • Min. 1 Month
    • Min. 3 Months
    • Min. 6 Months
    • Min. 12 Months
    • Min. 18 Months
    • Min. 24 Months
    • Min. 36 Months
    • Min. 48 Months
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    HITEC car subscription

    Rent HITEC on a subscription basis now


    Do you need a city runabout for the summer or do you only travel short distances? Then the HITEC is just the right car for you! The Chinese vehicle is equipped with everything you need: Navigation, reversing camera, hands-free system and a power window. But the best is yet to come: the energy for 100km costs only 1CHF! 



    Small but nice - with the HITEC subscription 


    With a HITEC subscription, you never pay too much. You configure your car subscription individually according to your needs. Specifically, you choose the following: Minimum term, kilometre package and delivery/collection. You pay a fixed monthly rate that includes everything except charging. In other words, you don't have to worry about registration, insurance or service. Drive HITEC now on a low-cost subscription.

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