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    Ferrari was founded by Italian racing driver Enzo Ferrari in the mid-forties. Due to the Second World War, the first Ferrari V12 125 S was released two years late. Of these, only two models were produced, bucking the mass production trend. In the beginning, all Ferraris were red, although this was not an active decision of Enzo Ferrari himself. Red was the color assigned to all Italian Grand Prix racing cars by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) in the early years of motor racing. Interestingly, today 45% of sales are still red Ferraris. Also at CARIFY there are Ferraris on subscription, in very different colors.

    Ferrari wrapped in a car subscription - leasing a Ferrari was yesterday

    "When I grow up, I'm going to drive a red Ferrari." - A childhoods wish that is often heard and unfortunately remains a dream for many. But why let the dream die? At CARIFY, anyone and everyone can find the right Ferrari, which can be configured individually according to term, mileage package and delivery. Compared to leasing, with a car subscription from CARIFY you do without a high acquisition investment and hidden costs. Rent, registration, insurance, maintenance and tire changes are all included in one monthly price. Driving a Ferrari has never been so uncomplicated.

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