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    Dacia the Strongman among the cars

    The Strongmanrun is more popular than ever in Switzerland. It is about overcoming obstacles and covering a distance (from 9 km). Everyone who knows the Strongman knows that it is exhausting and requires a lot of skill. For Dacia it is important that her vehicles are all-terrain capable.

    With a Dacia you can overcome any obstacle, because Dacia is the strongman among the cars and that with a very good price relation to the performance. Who likes to have a robust and all-terrain vehicle, drives Dacia.

    Dacia's in subscription rent with CARIFY

    You are at home in the mountains and want a car that can handle all this? Then Dacia is the right place for you. To buy a Dacia directly without having tested it, off-road is out of the question for you?

    Then we have just the right offer for you. Drive the Dacia as a subscription and find out how it performs in the off-road. And best of all in winter, when you are less in the mountains or have other needs, you can simply book a new car in subscription. Find your dream Dacia with us, choose, book, get in and drive off!

    You can find the exact details and more information about the process here.

    The meaning of the name Dacia

    To understand the meaning, one has to travel far into the past. The name comes from the time of the Romans. At that time Romania was still called Dacia, or Dacia in Latin. So the name is based on the time of the Romans.

    Thus, the trademark of Dacia was initially a shield emblem on which an eagle was located, which had spread its wings.

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