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    The difference between BMW Alpina and BMW

    For the gourmets among BMW fans, Alpina offers individual and refined BMW's. Here, many things are still done by hand. Only about 1'700 vehicles are produced per year.

    Since the foundation of Alpina, the company has been working together with BMW. The BMW models each provide the basis for the development and production of Alpina's high-quality cars.

    Every car manufactured by Alpina receives an individual production number plate, which is an Alpina specific chassis number. Thus, it is classified as a product of an officially recognised car manufacturer.

    Since its foundation, the company has been managed by Burkhard Bovensiepen, who is still actively involved in the business today. The future of Alpina is also secured, his two sons work in the company.

    Rent BMW Alpina by subscription

    Alpinas have their price due to the high degree of individualisation. You don't buy an Alpina just like that, it is a conscious decision for a high-quality and individual vehicle. Our Alpinas in subscription offer the chance to enjoy the feeling of the Alpina cars without buying a new car.

    Choose your favourite Alpina, book it and enjoy the great feeling that the driving pleasure of BMW combined with the individuality of Alpina creates.

    Do not hesitate any longer and choose your Alpina, book it, get in and enjoy the ride.

    The exact details and further information about the process can be found here.

    A short extract from the founding history of Alpina

    Bovensiepen started the history of Alpina in the factory of his father, Alpina Anlagen. His father was rather sceptical at the time, but BMW quickly put their trust in Bovensiepen, and the starting signal for the success story was given.

    In 1962, Bovensiepen worked on a Weber dual carburettor system for the BMW 1500, and the dual carburettor systems he developed soon found favour with the trade press. But not only the trade press liked his double carburettors, BMW was also pleased with them.

    This led to the partnership with BMW, which is still going on today and has shaped the success story to this day. The partnership led to Alpina occupying new niches again and again.

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