Vehicle Return Policy

When you cancel your car subscription, you return your car at the agreed time and place. On return, the vehicle is inspected for signs of wear and tear together with our fleet partner. We are aware that the vehicle is no longer new, which is why we want to show here what is in order and therefore "normal wear and tear", and what is defined as damage that needs to be repaired.

We orientate ourselves on the wear and tear standards of the Swiss Leasing Association and the Swiss Association of Motor Trades and Repairs, which can be viewed under the following link:

​Normal traces of use, which occur in the context of normal use, are completely ok. What is not in order are damages caused by improper use or above-average stress. Here are the most important points:



- Light surface scratches (polishable)

- Paint characteristics due to the use of washing facilities

- Slight stone chips (not continuous to primer)

Not acceptable:

- Non-polishable scratches, scuffs with heavy paint abrasion

- Damage that requires painting

- Stronger stone chips down to the primer

- conspicuous color differences, e.g. due to unprofessional repair painting or gluing

- Avoidable damage to paintwork caused by resin, bird or bee droppings and other avoidable natural and environmental influences

Car body

Not acceptable:

- Dents/Bumps greater than 2 cm in diameter which impairs the overall impression of the vehicle

- Accidental damage, hail damage that has not been fixed.

Glass & Light


- Damage that does not affect road safety

​Not Acceptable:

- Damage, typically stone chips, cracks, scratches, which impair road safety or the issue of the inspection sticker (HU § 29 StVZO)



- Slight rubber abrasion on or on unpainted bumpers and trims, which did not result in visible and permanent deformation

- Slight paint abrasion, but does not penetrate into the base material

Not Acceptable:

- Visible damage in the form of compression, structural changes in the plastic, cracks, breakouts and deformations

- Deformation of the bumper bracket

- Missing attachments (e.g. cover of the tow hook)

Rims & Hubcaps

Not Acceptable:

- Larger scratches/abrasions without material removal and scratches/abrasions with material removal

- Major damage to the paint surface

- Deformation, deformity, fracture


Not Acceptable:

- Impurities that cannot be removed by normal cleaning.

- Odor formation, e.g. due to mold

- Damage, e.g. fire damage, holes, cracks

- Odor from cigarettes/cigars/pipe usage/E-cigarettes

​Your checklist before you return:

Check that you have taken out all private things when you return the car and that all documents and accessories are in the car:

✔ All keys and smart cards

✔ All tools, especially jack and safety nut

✔ Trailer hitch with key (if available)

✔ User manuals, logbooks (including those of the radio and navigation system)

✔ CD/DVD/SD card for the navigation system, code card for radio

✔ Spare tire or tire repair kit (e.g. compressor and tire inflation fluid)

✔ Vehicle registration document

✔ Headrests

✔ Navigation system

✔ Hubcaps (all)

✔ First aid kit

✔ Safety vest and warning triangle

✔ Vignette

✔ Car documents Service booklet (completed and stamped), warranty booklet, exhaust emission document

✔ If applicable: Certificate of Conformity (COC)

✔ Winter tires (or summer tires)

✔ cigarette lighter

✔ Other accessories (e.g. additional seats, partitions, luggage compartment cover, fitted carpets, roof box, etc.)

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